Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman - The President of the United States - Shimp Toast Obama!

The Illinois Back-Bencher who tingled thighs in 2008 is now . . .Shrimp Toast! The President and Vacationing First Family are completing their Sixth Vacation. However, the President continues to prove that he should not have been employed in the first place.

President Obama will serve one term. It will be very important to consign every elitist clown and organization - Progressives - to the Kiddie Table of Public Discourse from whence he sprang.

The DNC can not name its candidates, but Gov. Tim Kaine still begs me for my nickels. I quite giving to the DNC when Emily's List John Kerry sailed into Boston Harbor.

The Media Propaganda machine has impugned Americans of good will of all races - especially idiotic team at MSNBC.

Abortion is murder; stem cell research is eugenics; America is a great country that has gone to bat for goodness all over the globe; the United Nations is a bandit camp; our servicemen and women are paid only lip-service for the sacrifices; race-relations is an industry; marriage is between a man and woman; immigration is not a human right it is earned; education is the real of the States and not the Federal Government; policy is an evil and politics is an art.

President Obama, God Be With Him, is incapable of the job. He is Shrimp Toast.

President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their two daughters Sasha and Malia traveled to Nancy’s Restaurant on the waterfront of the Oak Bluffs section of Martha’s Vineyard Wednesday afternoon.

Crowds gathered to watch as the president, wearing his White Sox baseball cap, noted the abundance of Red Sox caps. He and the First Lady shook hands and posed for pictures with folks in the crowd. The president ordered from the take-out window of the snack bar section of the eatery…
As the president walked around the restaurant, some cordoned-off reporters shouted out to him questions, including one about the war in Iraq. Next Tuesday night, the president will deliver an Oval Office address at 8 pm ET, in which he will mark the occasion of the withdrawal of US combat troops from the country.

But the president was in no mood today to discuss the issue with reporters in that setting. He ignored questions for a bit, then turned to the reporters.

“We’re buying shrimp, guys,” he said, smiling. “Come on.”
aBC - Jake Tapper

Most families in my blue-collar neighborhood have not gone on vacation in years; yet, those families voted for President Obama . . .once.


DèMon said...

Are you bummed about the second term you said he wouldn't get? Just curious. :-)

pathickey said...

Now, Demon, how could anyone be bummed with the endless hilarity coming from 1600 Pennsylvannia Ave.?

DèMon said...

Hilarity? We have way too many problems going on in this country right now. I wouldn't call any decisions from the white house hilarious. Rooting for the president to fail means you're rooting for our country to fail. The stakes are way too high to make light of... but that's just my opinion. I guess that's one more thing we disagree on.