Monday, August 02, 2010

Quinn Signs Property Tax Relief Bill - Sign of a Good Guy!

Governor Pat Quinn is a good guy. Governor Pat Quinn signed property tax relief and is already getting grief from the very people that he has helped in the past - The Progressives. I can think of no other Illinois elected official who has done more for our Veterans than Pat Quinn. Gov. Pat Quinn is a good guy.Being a good guy requires that one do something for other people, no matter how many people will question your motives.

The Lefties, like Rep. Greg Harris (GLTBQ Chicago) already are piling on the Governor for doing the right thing."State Rep. Gregory S. Harris (D-Chicago) compared the law Quinn signed Sunday to "putting a Band-Aid on a complicated problem." Sun Times

Harris belongs to the Ralph Martire Pie Charts for Huge Taxes Coalition of Progressives that see a crisis when opening a box of corn flakes and demand more taxes.

Pat Quinn has too long counted on the Progressive and that may be his undoing in this election which not about Gay Marriage, Immigration Reform. Dafur, Asian Carp, Reversing the Flow of the Chicago River Again, or providing SEIU Illinois with more members. This election is about reversing the idiotic and dangerous course of Illinois's Tax Addiction.

Governor Pat Quinn did the right thing and that is the sign of a good guy.

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