Monday, August 23, 2010

AKPD media firm - Comb Over Dave Axelrod's Obama Camelot and Governor Pat Quinn

Ain't it Grand,Politics? Last Week, Governor Pat Quinn launched Comb Over Dave Axelrod's PR Firm -AKPD media firm - which sounds like a branch of the Soviet Secret Police. Today the governor accepted the resignation of his chief of staff Jerry Stermer who seems the victim of the Axelrod Machine.Governor Pat Quinn is a great guy and an honorable man.

Comb over Dave Axerod is a win or ruin kind of guy - that magic is what gives the Obama Camelot that Kiddie Jumping Jacks Castle appeal.

The first of Stermer’s alleged missteps came last Oct. 11 in a response to an e-mail sent a day earlier from the Quinn campaign’s media consultant, John Kupper. He wanted to formulate a response to an expected argument from Democratic gubernatorial rival Dan Hynes about Quinn being a “tax and spender,” the Wright report said.

Kupper, a senior partner with the AKPD media firm, told those to whom he’d sent the campaign e-mail that an effort was afoot to show the governor had “implemented more budget cuts than any other governor in Illinois history,” the report said.

Using his state e-mail account a day later, Stermer promised Kupper he would gather data from the governor’s budget office to prove that point. A few minutes after answering Kupper, Stermer e-mailed Budget Director David Vaught to inquire about “the total that Gov. Q has cut from the state budget since taking over,” the report said.
August 23, 2010

Dave Axerod is a divide and conquer moral high ground staker who, through deft application fo the well-worn race card, gets his candidates elected - Governor Deval Patrick ( D. Mass.) and President Barack H. Obama ( D. USA) both of whom have cork-screwing approval numbers. Governor Pat Quinn was ten points behind Rep. Bill Brady ( R. Bloomington)and launched the AKPD media firm.

Jerry Stermer is career advocate of children. It seems that in order to scratch the eyes out of Governor Quinn -AKPD media firm rolled over on Jerry Stermer.

Progressives! It's how they roll.

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