Monday, August 16, 2010

President Mosque Backer Obama Falls to New Low - He'll Go Much Lower BTW

President Obama is now at the lowest approval rating of his young Administration - he has been One Gaffe, One Bow, One America Apology, One Race Baiting Teaching Teachable Moment, One Waffling, Multi-Vacation Disaster after the next - there will be many more to come.

Barack Obama was an Illinois and US Senate back-bencher crafted by Hype and Spin Merchants. He could have been a statesman had he stayed home, run for governor and actually really accomplished something. Rather, he ate up the flattering and transformed it into very sad hubris.

The poor man is so inept, that his Progressive base has already turned on him. They were going to do so anyway, but even a Progressive waits until the last legislated morsel has been gobbled up . . .until now. They are already attempting 2012 damage control.

Fact -

In the United States, politics pivots around the allegiance of the middle class, even as its identity has changed from yeoman farmers and mechanics to store clerks, office workers, x-ray technicians, and small business owners. They are, in Bill Clinton’s words, “those who work hard and play by the rules.” They are the central characters in a populist rhetoric that goes back to the early republic. It depicts the middle class as embattled and threatened either from forces below (impoverished immigrants, welfare cheaters, ghetto rioters) or above (Wall Street speculators, state bureaucrats, K Street lobbyists). Populism can be embraced by Glenn Beck or Tom Harkin. It is intrinsically neither left-wing nor right-wing.

President Obama allied himself with Progressives who have hated the American middle class from the get-go, ( Sinclair Lewis e.g.) especially ACLU, SEIU and Planned Parenthood. These are your base, Mr. President, and they are coming after you.

Tea Party People, disenchanted Democrats like me and Republicans are not your enemies, Mr. President. You are your own worst enemy, Sir, as well as the folks who crafted your compelling narrative and biography.

President Obama Job Approval
Polling Data
Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 8/5 - 8/15 -- 44.4 50.6 -6.2
Rasmussen Reports 8/13 - 8/15 1500 LV 43 56 -13
Gallup 8/12 - 8/14 1547 A 42 49 -7
FOX News 8/10 - 8/11 900 RV 43 49 -6
CNN/Opinion Research 8/6 - 8/10 1009 A 47 51 -4
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 8/5 - 8/9 1000 A 47 48 -1

This will go lower than Hollywood's standards for good taste and judgment.

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