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Mayor Grace Daley - The Bitter Old Biddy Squeals at Bea Reyna-Hickey

Daley suspended Bea Reyna-Hickey: Who Directs the Budget That Daley Abuses:

"It's just stupid. Some bureaucrat sent that out," Daley said at an event on the Northwest Side. "This is a stupid e-mail. There will be appropriate discipline."

Yeah, in 1995, while Mayor Grace Daley, the little old woman from Wexford, was schmoozing Bubba Clinton and DNC, Chicago lost nearly 700 citizens* in a calamitous heat wave.

It was a Mexican- American girl married to a Mick who helped save Grace Daley's hairy bacon. That bureaucrat was Bea Reyna-Hickey who worked for the Mayor's Emergency Services at that time.

While Chicago elders died alone in July 1995, Buck-tooth Mayor Dave Orr was parsing left-wing ( Democratic Socialist Team Leader) non-sense, just as that fatuous and gutless and talentless phony chimed in with Mayor Grace in the Sun Times, and Bea Reyna-Hickey worked 24 per diem to save lives and open cooling shelters. Today that opportunistic lefty louse, David Orr, looks to be trolling for some new appointment -

Cook County Clerk David Orr and several aldermen said the memo sends the wrong message to the public. City Hall considers parking tickets a revenue-generating tool more than a public-safety tool, Orr said.
“I don’t think we put the citizens first enough in this town,” he said. “This is one indication of it. There’s been too much pressure [on officers] to write tickets.”

Dave, maybe people in the Progressive Media should take a very hard look at how your office handles real estate transactions on Tax-lien properties -particularly those owned by immigrants. You know some poor Busha or Abuela who get's socked for an alley assessment and owes a couple of hundred bucks that she does not understand to be her problem and finds that she must come to Buck Tooth Dave's fine helpers. " You must have a cashiers check in the exact amount and this is not enough as the assessment is compounded." Then Abuela finds her address in the community news paper as her property is now in the hands of Honorable Dorothy Brown!

Dave, citizens! Maybe, Buck Tooth Dave too will become a Disc Jockey like Jim Laski, Rod Blagojevich and Cliff Kelley!

How secure are those ledgers around whom the real estate tax sharks swim? I was up there a couple of months ago on Leo business and every dubious person in size 9s and above was going over the endangered properties! Are there kick-backs?/ Citizens come first, Dave. Gotta ask, You smarmy sneak.
Worth a look-see, news hounds? Nah. too much like work, I suppose.

Daley is a bitter Old Woman. Tosses good people who helped make him a somebody all the time, when they or their actions make Daley answer questions . . .in English - Terry Teale, Pat Huels, & etc. Swallow your tongue, Old Woman, all the way to the tripes - you graceless, thankless, thoughtless, clueless hag.

Bea Reyna-Hickey is hardly a bureaucrat - she is and has been a public servant.

Full disclosure - Bea Reyna-Hickey is married to a cousin of mine ( there are hundreds of cousins) and is about the smartest woman in the LaSalle side of the City Hall.

Most of the heat wave victims were the elderly poor living in the heart of the city, who either had no working air conditioning or could not afford to turn it on. Many older citizens were also hesitant to open windows and doors at night for fear of crime.[6] Elderly women, who may have been more socially engaged, were less vulnerable than elderly men. By contrast, during the heat waves of the 1930s, many residents slept outside in the parks or along the shore of Lake Michigan.[2]

Because of the nature of the disaster, and the slow response of authorities to recognize it, no official "death toll" has been determined. However, figures show that 739 additional people died in that particular week above the usual weekly average.[7] Further epidemiologic analysis showed that blacks were more likely to die than whites, and that Hispanics had an unusually low death rate due to heat. At the time, many blacks lived in areas of sub-standard housing and less cohesive neighborhoods, while Hispanics at the time lived in places with higher population density, and more social cohesion.[2]

Mortality displacement refers to the deaths that occur during a heat wave that would have occurred anyway in a near future, but which were precipitated by the heat wave itself. In other words, people who are already very ill and close to death (expected to die, for instance, within days or a few weeks) might die sooner than they might have otherwise, because of the impact of the heat wave on their health. However, because their deaths have been hastened by the heat wave, in the months that follow the number of deaths becomes lower than average. This is also called a harvesting effect, in which part of the expected (future) mortality shifts forward a few weeks to the period of the heat wave. Initially some public officials suggested that the high death toll during the weeks of the heat wave was due to mortality displacement, an analysis of the data later found that mortality displacement during the heat wave was limited to about 26% of the estimated 692 excess deaths in the period between June 21 and August 10, 1995. Mortality risks affected Blacks disproportionally. Appropriately targeted interventions may have a tangible effect on life expectancy.[8]

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Anonymous said...

I will start by saying that Daley is as dumb as a box of rocks.

Having said that, how many clout baby bureaucrats must be thrown under the bus before they realize that the Mayor has no loyalty.

All due respect to your cousin in law, but Bea IS in over her head. She basically has ridden the coattails of Hugh Murphy, a member of the irish political cabal, to all the positions she gained.
By marrying outside of her latino race to an Irishman basically gave her honorary white irish status.

But that does not matter, the mayor will sacrafice even the most loyal soldier if his own azz is on the line.

These patronage people will never learn, its daley first, second, third and last. everyone else is expendable.