Friday, August 13, 2010

The Principled Left . . .and other Oxymorons

While waiting to pick my daughter Clare up from this afternoon's Mother McAuley Sophomore Class Walk-thru, I thumbed through the pages of the Washington Post - honor bright.

I found this piece by the socialite Katrina Vanden Heuvel. That is a handle right out of Henry James or Gilligan's Island.

Ms. Vanden Heuvel is New York gadabout flitting from every fab event-to-MSNBC-to -Planned Parenthood do's and also is the owner, editor and publisher of the The Nation - the far left's magazine of note - founded by abolitionist and featuring every Hegelian bug-eyed shouter since 1865.

Progressives are the American Far Left - not liberals per say; rather, revolutionaries with trust funds.

My people could never afford to be radicals, as they were and are too busy working.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel offers this giggle -

When Barack Obama embarked on what most political insiders saw as an audacious campaign for the presidency, the question was whether a newly-elected senator from Illinois could entice Democrats to consider a contender other than a former first lady who proposed to be the first woman president and a former nominee for vice president who was saying important things about the growing economic divide in America. What ultimately won him the Democratic nomination in 2008 was a decision by the principled left -- professional and amateur -- that the one leading candidate who had expressed blunt opposition to the war in Iraq before it began had shown better judgment than Hillary Clinton or John Edwards.
( emphasis my own)

You see President Obama is being tossed under the wheels of the very bus that he so deftly pitched Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Billy Ayers, Van Jones, Desiree Rogers, General McCrystal, ad infinitum. President Obama has proven to be a very weak sister and feminists hate weak sisters. Well, last week, Robert Gibbs, Obama's Press Spokesman, said what every one in America already knows - Progressives will stab you in the back and never ever shut up. The sad fact of the matter remains that we the citizens allow America to become a mandarin operation. Progressive are the American mandarins -little powerful loudmouths and bullies. They don't lend a hand in a crisis they demand action and usually from lawyers. Progressives tend to be the Mandarin Policy wonks, academics, pie-chart hustlers and hereditary political icons ( be they an Illinois Simon, A Universal Kennedy, a Chicago Daley, A Racial Jackson, or an Andy Stern) and they have, with the help of a very supine media, become Our American Mandarins.

Clowns that used to be laughed out of the smoke filled rooms in better days, are now foisted on the voter.

Policy over politics has been the destruction of American government. When Americans have had enough they’ll let the mandarins know about it.

That is what the Principled Left is all about - maintaining the divisions and grabbing power.

The Principled Left is like German Humor,Cool Jazz,Simple Interest Loan, Progressive Thought, and such.

You see, I have yet to meet or experience the Principled Left. Would they be. . . John Edwards? Nancy Pelosi? Billy Ayers? Noam Chomsky? Maxine Waters? Planned Parenthood? ACLU? Principled like MSNBC? The Journolists? Ezra Klein? Jan Schakowsky? Rod Blagojevich? Daily Kos? Betray Us? SEIU? Madarin Andy Stern?

Like I said Katrina Vanden Heuvel is a howl. Nice is have a hobby.

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