Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blago Mouthpiece Sam Adam, Jr. Offers Free Exclusive Interviews at Will County Fair in Peotone! Nah, Read Natasha Korecki!

I have been worried that attorney Sam Adam, Jr. has been put off his feed and is losing sleep with guilt - guilt over maybe not having giving Milarod his props in court. Sam seems a mere shadow of his former self.

I have been worried, as well, that perhap I have not really, really, really tried to make my children proud of me by becoming a reality show contestant. I am down to three meals a day and seven hours of sleep.

Sam Adam, Jr. has granted a number of "exclusive' interviews to a number of "exclusive" intellectual giants like Elizabeth Brackett of WTTW - Winnetka Talks to Wilmette. However, Guilty Sam might wish to spread the love and offer -

Sam Adam, Jr. Esq. - Exclusive Interviews

Ride The Sam Adam, Jr. Blago Truth Tour - $ 83.00 per minute - You'll know what's what and I'll sleep and eat better.

At the Will County Fair in Peotone!

Will County FairDate:8/29/2010 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. - View More Dates Address:710 S. West Street Peotone, 60468 - Adult Activities, Children's Activities, Festival Description:The Will County Fair offers a variety of entertainment, activities, competitions, and vendors for visitors of all ages.

Be sure to visit the Forest Preserve District's booth in the Exhibit Building to collect information about all that the District has to offer.

Visit the Will County Fair Web site for more information.

Rube Hickey, nailing the first of many Elephant ears, "Hey, that ain't free!"

Sam Adam, Jr., still fasting and sleepless, " Move it along, Son! The offers Free! Fee is not Free, Dr. King rode a lunch counter for your sins and all our sins!!!! I will go to jail rather than contemptuously take less than the posted $ 83.00 for this exclusive free offer! Truth, Son! Truth! Now, move it along!"

Rube Hickey, " Mike Flannery said the same thing! Dang! Still, that's a hull lot of corndogs! Good luck, Counselor."

For real Blago Straight Dope - go exclusively to Natasha Korecki!
Click my post title for a real reporter.

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