Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blago Walks and Sam Adam Eats and Sleeps - Tamara Holder Had it Right All Along.

Chicago Attorney Tamara Holder and me have thought that the case against Blago was never glued all that well.

As I said two weeks ago, "Tamara Holder is long-in-the legs and smarter than the Medill School of Journalism - I think that they are on the money - Blago will walk because Fitzy can not Show Us The Money!"

Back in June during the trial the Tribune Editorial Board sic'd their business dude on Tamara Holder over her sound thoughts on the trial -

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, Boys and Girls! Trib Ed Board packed with Disc Jockeys, Ladies Who Lunch, Real Estate Barons, and Really Earnest NPR Listeners and the noted Business Writer and Medill School of Journalism Graduate and Business/Law Ink-Slinger Ameet Sachdev wanted to smear attorney and journalist Tamara Holder. Why?

Why does the Tribune do what it does?

Anywho, I saw the web edition ( saves me some dough-ray-mee) but a pal tossed me the print copy of the article attacking Tamara Holder's coverage of the Blago Trial in Huffington Post, which I thought was about the only accurate piece in that comic page. Low and Behold! The Chicago Tribune Editorial Masters and Ameet Sachdev reveal that "Jessie Jackson" is implicated!

I know that Congressman Jesse Jackson is named for his Old Man -Rev. Jesse Jackson, but I had no idea that young Ms. Jessie was involved in the Illinois Blagojevich Fire Sales.

A guy once told me, "Hickey you spell well." I told him that I was a well speller from way back - got cuffed and whacked daily by the Sisters of Mercy for my not well spelling.

I blog fast sometimes as I need to get to Leo and do real work by 6:30 AM. Spell checker still requires a wide-awake look see.

That Tribune Editorial Board! Talk a Laugh! Next, they will tell folks that Tamara Holder looks like Ward Bond.

I love Ward Bond, but . . .

It looks like Blago walks and his lawyer gets to snack and nap again. Blago is a smelt that got away from Fitzy's harpoon. Smelt tend to do that.

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