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Matt O'Shea, 19th Ward Committeman and Aldermanic Candidate - The Real Deal.

O’Shea said his priority is to deliver city services at a time of severe budget cutbacks that are almost certain to get worse as the city copes with a record $654.7 million shortfall.

“We’re in tough times with a shortage of manpower. Everything is taking longer — from recycling to street light repairs and tree trims,’’ said O’Shea, 41.

“We’re still feeling the effect of the summer storms that left hundreds of flooded basements. We just have to work that much harder to stay on top of things, work with the 311 system and explain to residents that it’s gonna take longer to get things done, but we’re working on them.’’
Sun Times,rugai-resigns-081810.article

In 1905 William Riordan wrote a small political masterpiece that ranks second only to Aristotle's Politics -Plunkitt of Tammany Hall.

This book has been reconfigured many times and presented as case evidence of the glories or the calumnies of Ward Politics. I take the former point of view.

George Washington Plunkitt was a Tammany Hall Ward Healer under Boss Tweed and other Tammmany Tigers. Riordan was a newspaper writer who courted Plunkitt at a book black stand, the where the wily politician gave out lessons on practical politics.

Practical politics was and continues to be anathema to Progressives, who honor policy -theirs ( abortion, gay marriage, more taxes, less defense, fewer liberties- over necessity and good grace.

I am delighted to present this pasaage as a means of introducing Matt O'Shea who follows this template from diary of George Washington Plunkitt:

2 A.M.: Aroused from sleep by the ringing of his doorbell;
went to the door and found a bartender, who asked him to go to the
police station and bail out a saloonkeeper who had been arrested for
violating the excise law. Furnished bail and returned to bed at three
6 A.M.:Awakened by fire engines passing his house. Hastened
to the scene of the fire, according to the custom of the Tammany district
leaders, to give assistance to the fire sufferers, if needed. Met
several of his election district captains who are always under orders
to look out for fires, which are considered great vote-getters. Found
several tenants who had been burned out, took them to a hotel, supplied
them with clothes, fed them, and arranged temporary quarters
for them until they could rent and furnish new apartments.
8:30 A.M.:Went to the police court to look after his constituents.
Found six “drunks.” Secured the discharge of four by a timely word
with the judge, and paid the fines of two.
9 A.M.: Appeared in the Municipal District Court. Directed
one of his district captains to act as counsel for a widow against
whom dispossess proceedings had been instituted and obtained an
extension of time. Paid the rent of a poor family about to be dispossessed
and gave them a dollar for food.
11 A.M.: At home again. Found four men waiting for him. One
had been discharged by the Metropolitan Railway Company for
neglect of duty, and wanted the district leader to fix things. Another
wanted a job on the road. The third sought a place on the Subway
and the fourth, a plumber, was looking for work with the
Consolidated Gas Company. The district leader spent nearly three
hours fixing things for the four men, and succeeded in each case.
3 P.M.: Attended the funeral of an Italian as far as the ferry.
Hurried back to make his appearance at the funeral of a Hebrew
constituent. Went conspicuously to the front both in the Catholic
church and the synagogue, and later attended the Hebrew confirmation
ceremonies in the synagogue.
7 P.M.:Went to district headquarters and presided over a meeting
of election district captains. Each captain submitted a list of all
the voters in his district, reported on their attitude toward Tammany,
suggested who might be won over and how they could be won, told
who were in need, and who were in trouble of any kind and the best
way to reach them. District leader took notes and gave orders.
8 P.M.: Went to a church fair. Took chances on everything,
bought ice cream for the young girls and the children. Kissed the little
ones, flattered their mothers and took their fathers out for something
down at the corner.
9 P.M.: At the clubhouse again. Spent $10 on tickets for a
church excursion and promised a subscription for a new church bell.
Bought tickets for a baseball game to be played by two nines from
his district. Listened to the complaints of a dozen pushcart peddlers
who said they were persecuted by the police and assured them he
would go to Police Headquarters in the morning and see about it.
10:30 P.M.: Attended a Hebrew wedding reception and dance.
Had previously sent a handsome wedding present to the bride.
12 P.M.: In bed.

Matt O'Shea will run as the Democratic candidate for alderman of the 19th Ward. Matt O'Shea lives about four blocks north of my home, but I see Matt everywhere - all over the Ward. He is on foot many of these times. I was getting my oil changed at Jiffy Lube on Kedzie and saw Matt making the rounds of the flood damaged folks around 107th & Troy. Later, that day I saw Matt talking with firemen outside of the Fire Barn on 111th Street. The man is everywhere.

This is called Management by Walking Around, according to the Steve Covey crowd.

Matt O'Shea will take care of his neighbors and represent our Ward with courage, honesty, integrity and practical appilication of very practical politics.

Politics over Policy is Good Government.

Thank you, Matt!


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