Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I wonder- just how strong a headlock SEIU has on Capitol Fax Blog?

Capitol Fax is the top political news clearing house and clubby chat-room ($300 annual admission*) in Illinois. Rich Miller, who also jots out a column for Chicago Sun Times publishes Capitol Fax Blog.

Some years back Mr. Miller was kind enough to offer me a spot on his Illinoize adjunct site, but I became concerned when Miller deleted my commentary and opinions concerning the activities and the nature of SEIU – a powerful pact that managed to co-opt the term Labor, from our supine Media in Illinois. We parted company. I do not and will not comment on Capitol Fax Blog and I asked that Mr. Miller remove me fro Illinoize.

Rich Miller invites snark (a word no one over the age of ten should use) ,gets his nose out of joint when a snarking japer tweaks his plums or those of his sponsor and goes hunting for the Snark IP. I believe that Rich Miller is wildly beholden to SEIU – especially Keith Kelleher. Keith Kelleher directs the activities of SEIU and President Tom Balanoff, a genuine labor man gets the subpoenas. Keith Kelleher comes from the Andy Stern/Anna Burger school of power politics and was instrumental in perfecting the ACORN political trick bags that were exposed this year by a young man with a camera.

Here is some of Keith Kelleher’s ACORN Manifesto referring to ACORN/SEIU agitation in Chicago’s 15th Ward in 1999–

“ACORN and Local 880 leaders held a weekend retreat last spring to think and talk about the issue of accountability. They were learning new things all the time, and wanted time to assess what they had learned and plan for the future.

Out of that weekend came a number of ideas that are guiding our planning to win accountability from public officials. They include:

Turning up the heat. There is no substitute for being able to move large numbers of people in direct action tactics in the public official's district. Where an official is refusing to act, or has strayed from the fold, there is no substitute for confrontation on his own turf; but even where the official is friendly, a strong presence is the best insurance that he will remain so.
Developing more community leadership. It is much harder to hold a few leaders accountable to a community and labor agenda than a majority. With only a few, we are asking people to take stands on issues that may often lose in city council for want of a majority. It would be better to develop many more grassroots community and labor leaders who have the base and track record on community accomplishments that they need to win.
Developing a proactive agenda for progressive leaders. ACORN, Local 880 and our many collaborative partners need to put our elected officials to work on issues that will mobilize an increasingly large base. If we fail to continually move an agenda that we want our elected leaders to carry, someone else will always be happy to fill the void. We need to get much better at developing such a program - with our own elected officials at the table helping to develop it.
Copyright 2000

Keith Kelleher is the head organizer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 880 and has been a field organizer, lead organizer and head organizer for ACORN, the United Labor Unions (ULU), and SEIU Local 880 for over 20 years.

Madeline Talbott is the head organizer for Illinois ACORN and has been a field organizer, lead organizer and head organizer in many ACORN cities across the country. She recently celebrated her 25th year as an organizer with ACORN.”

SEIU attempted to buy a Senate seat and later stepped far and away from ACORN – like it never happened. Marxists erase history.

That is the Marxist tune to which Rich Miller jumps. Regularly, Capitol Fax Blog attempts to smear both Governor Pat Quinn and his rival Rep. Bill Brady. Fair enough.

However, Rich Miller uses a Progress Illinois (SEIU sponsored site) tweak piece from The New Yorker that condemns the billionaire Koch Brothers (Oil, Dixie Cups, Brawny Paper Towels & etc.) for doing exactly what SEIU cash-cow and Obama sponsor George Soros has done for years as well as ‘bring it on home’ with a pathetic attack on Republican philanthropist Ron Gidwitz. And dovetailing a Progress Illinois jab at the Koch Brothers. Progress Illinois linked an article from Americans for Prosperity that discussed the Koch Brothers and Ron Gidwitz. (clck my post title for yesterday's CFB offering)

It appears that Ron Gidwitz likes the Tea Party folks. He is supporting them. I am a Democrat and I like the Tea Party Folks too. I am also in favor of Civil Unions for homosexuals and oppose Gay Marriage. I detest Planned Parenthood and its sole purpose –abortion. They help sell contraceptives as well, but abortion is the meat and all else spoon vitals.

Progress Illinois (SEIU) is all for homosexual marriages, as gay as they may be, abortion all of the time, and the death of the American Middle Class.

I plan to vote for Pat Quinn, but I could vote for Bill Brady. I like news that is presented honestly. I admire an honest hack who tells you – “Folks I am SEIU purple! No snark here!” . . . Then there is Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax Blog.

* A CFB subscriber noted that the membership is now $350.


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