Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Wildly Privileged Touré Bullies MSNBC Cupcake Dylan Ratigan on "White Privilege"

El sueno de la razon produce monstruos The Sleep of Reason produces monsters -Goya.

"If I'm a black high school student today... there are white American institutions, universities, hovering over me to offer me opportunities: Almost every institution has a diversity committee... There is a hunger in this society to do right racially, to not be racist." Shelby Steele.

Touré is a black novelist named after the Pan-African Marxist dictator of Guinea, who eschewed the Leninist Health Care when his ticker went on the blink and died in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Our Touré has a spot on the Dylan Ratigan Show and gives the puppy-ish Ratigan regular liberal lashings of White Privilege Guilt. Touré,who attended the same school as RFK and Late Liberal Lout Teddy Kennedy, banners up White Privilege first moused out by 10% WEB Dubois the patriarch of the African American inability to do what every other American subset seems able to do. Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachuests also is a Milton Lad. Toure is a mononymous person who seems to have a pretty good life from cashing in on White Privilege. The Talented Ten Percent are in a class all to themselves - living with Whitey and bashing White Privilege.

African Americans everywhere else get played. Dylan Ratigan is a Playah! He gets his sissified White Privilege Street Cred by rolling on his back like a cowering puppy when confronted by a Touré, volume pirates like Cornell West and the ever daffy Michael Eric Dyson, or the Elmer Fudd of Afro- Truth-to Power Mumblers -Roland S. Martin - the man who murdered Chicago's great black newspaper - The Daily Defender.

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What a hump!


Jim McMahon said...

Yeah. Whitey had everything handed to him.

pathickey said...

Mine came with free cable and Frango Mints, Jim! Me and the kids spend our evenings listening to the songs of field hands after porterhouses and cheroots.