Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Journolist Saga - Pampered American Fops of What Used to Be Journalism

I have been following the less than newsie revelations concerning the Journolist Play Pals.

This is an amalgamation of pampered, snitty, smarmy, band of fops in American journalism - the bright young things. One and all they are a daisey-chain of rich Toney School brats with oodles of talent and much more clout than a Chicago Community Activist!

Lately, it has been reported by Andrew Brietbart and Tucker Carlson that there was an Our Gang Comedy of a conspiracy to queer the Reverend Jeremiah Wright rantings and frighten the titmice of the American media - like a cake-walk.

This cavalcade of dandies are trotted out on the swiftly sinkibg MSNBC Ship of Fools - all of these fops lisp - is that an homage to 18th Century dandies? Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein & etc. Each and every Journolist Play Pal seems to lisp. Sounds like steam escaping.

Well this Band of Brummels got their asses outed. Too funny.

Click my post title for more on the American Fop Opera in Progress!

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