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University of Illinois Robert McKim - The Gay Agenda's Grand Inquisitor

Dr. Robert McKim of University of Illinois A face that would drive rats from a barn
Robert McKim is Head of the Department of Religion and Professor of Religious Studies and of Philosophy. He has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and Philosophy from Yale University and has been a member of the UIUC faculty since 1982. His major research interests include philosophy of religion, the history of early modern philosophy (especially Berkeley), and applied ethics. He has recently taught courses in philosophy of religion and in environmental ethics. He is currently writing a book on the implications of religious diversity.

Diversity! One Must Love Diversity! How could one not! Diversity . . .Embraced by people who will never live near or engage socially with any residents of Chinatown, Pilsen, Englewood, Gresham, Roseland, Mount Greenwood, or Canarywille!

Our Orwellian Euphemism for Cow Pies! The U of I Big Chief Medicine Man ( religion head) Robert McKim is writing about religious diversity having fired a Catholic colleague! Witness the McKim Canon!!!!


span style="font-weight:bold;">Some Recent Publications by Robert McKim

Review of Problems of Religious Diversity by Paul Griffiths (Routledge, 2002) in Faith and Philosophy, October 2003, 496-500.

"The Goodness of the Real" in Sophia Volume 42, Number 2, October 2003, 172-78.

"Berkeley" in Encyclopedia of Ireland (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003), 89. (The Encyclopedia of Ireland has also been published in Ireland by Gill and MacMillan.)

"The Hiddenness of God" (an excerpt from Religious Ambiguity and Religious Diversity (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001)) in Ten Essential Texts in the Philosophy of Religion: Classics and Contemporary Issues, edited by Steven M. Cahn (Oxford University Press, 2004), 494-499; in Exploring Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology, Second Edition, edited by Steven M. Cahn (Oxford University Press, 2004) and in the Third Edition, 2009; also in Steven M. Cahn, Exploring the Philosophy of Religion: An Introductory Anthology (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009).

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“Responding to Religious Diversity: Some Possible Directions for the Interfaith Youth Core” Journal of College and Character, 11(1), Art. 9. DOI: 10.2202/1940-1639.1012 February, 2010. Available at:

On Religious Diversity Monograph forthcoming (in cloth and in paper) from Oxford University Press, 2011.

Quotes on God and Religion by McKim -

“We seem to have a remarkable capacity to find arguments that support positions which we antecedently hold. Reason is, to a great extent, the slave of prior commitments.” (p. ix). This is exactly what I said elsewhere.

“The majority of people get their religious beliefs from their upbringing, and they grow up to inhabit a religious world that feels as real and solid, or almost as real and solid, as the physical world.” (p. ix),

“The fact that god is hidden (if God exists) suggests that one ought to be wary of the claims that the theistic traditions make about God: they probably are claims that exceed what may be reasonably be said with confidence.” (p. 123).

“The implication is that theists ought to be skeptical of many of the claims about God that are made by the dominant theistic traditions, including their own tradition.” (p. 124).

“We should look with skepticism on the claims of those who believe that they have a clear account of God’s nature—who carry on, in short, as if God were not hidden.” (p. 124).

“A main project in this book is to present a case for tentativeness in beliefs about religious matters.” (p. 124)

“Responsible religious belief should involve dialogue, openness, exchange, open-ended exploration, and conversation with various other bodies of discourse. Anything less is parochial and unsatisfactory.” (p. viii).
Religious Ambiguity and Religious Diversity (Oxford, 2001). This is a book for every Progressive secularist as it debunks faith.

Here is the real Robert McKim -Departmen Cahir of Religion at University of Illinois

A complaint was later made on behalf of a student in Dr. Howell's class objecting to the exposition of Catholic moral teaching contained in the professor's e-mail on the grounds that it constituted "hate speech". The complaint was circulated among university administrators and presented to Dr. Robert McKim, the head of UI's religion department, who met with Dr. Howell and informed him that he would not be asked back to teach future courses.

Dr. Howell offered to compromise by electing to refrain from discussed the subject of homosexuality in all future classes; an offer summarily rebuffed by McKim. Howell then appealed to his first amendment rights and the principles of academic freedom, pointing out that he had done nothing more than his university-approved job of presenting his students with the unembellished facts of Catholic moral doctrine. This plea was also ignored, and Howell was informed that McKim's decision not to renew his employment was final.

Dr. Howell has since related his dismissal to a number of fundamental religious disagreements between himself and Dr. McKim.

Another Distinguished Professor - Like Billy Ayers, Y'all! - of the University of Illinois

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the grim reaper said...

Such nastiness. I suppose you are speaking as a good Catholic.

pathickey said...


May may suppose all you please and no doubt will.

the grim reaper said...

You must be a student of Dr. Howell. You show the same level of "intelligence".

pathickey said...

Thank you , Cupcake! You seem to be living up to my expectations.

jf said...

As a Catholic I take exception to the things you are saying here. Name-calling at such a low level is not going to help Dr.Howell's case.
It makes Catholics look stupid and does not help our case. So I would advise you to remove this offensive post.

pathickey said...

Take all of the exception you care to take, James. As a Catholic, or a Wiccan, you may take arm loads of exception. Bon appetit!

jf said...

Really Hickey,its people like you that gives Catholicism a bad name. If you can't argue about the issue intelligently, which I suspect you can't, then you should stay out of it. Leave it to those who understand and are able to argue rationally. We really don't want ignorant people messing up Howell's case.

pathickey said...

. . . and yet, Jimmy, a fatuous little anonymous sneak like yourself feels compelled to mouse out a few syllables.

Intellectually robust are you?

jf said...

Hickey,why don't you post your real photo so that we can see what a good Catholic looks like.

pathickey said...

Why that is my real photo, Jimmy.

You must be an ivory head, Cupcake.

Unknown said...

Since then, the University Committee on Academic Freedom has issued a report on this matter that exonerates McKim.

You may want to look at this report. You can find the link in this story:

The report also describes Howell's views as "unlearned and jejune" and questions whether he maintained the distinction between teaching and preaching.