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Mal de siècle - Our Dog-Star Journolist Fops, Dandies, Pampered Preening Parnassian Puerile Penmen

Voilà dans quel chaos il fallut choisir alors; voilà ce qui se présentait à des enfants pleins de force et d'audace, fils de l'empire et de la révolution. [...] l'esprit du siècle, ange du crépuscule, qui n'est ni la nuit, ni le jour.

Lo and behold in what chaos, then, one must choose; behold the choice that is given to children full of strength and audacity, sons of the Empire and of the Revolution. [...] the spirit of the century, angel of dusk, that which is neither night nor day.
Alfred de Musset

Is it the approach of Dog-star ( Sirius) Month of August, or the malady of this new century Mal du siècle that rushes out the Journolist parade of Fops, Dandies, Pampered, and Pusillanimous Penmen? UPDATE: They are not all young males as you may note below - there are a few hags and ersatz Cougars like Katha Pollitt, who'd scare the balls off a pool table.

Conspiracy, or the Times? Never-the-less, the Revelation of the Confederacy of Dunces -Journolist International* - is a giggle to this aging helot and school teacher.

The Bright Young Things ( Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein and of course Spencer Ackerman et al.) formed a Band of Brummels that whipped out quills and invective to advance Candidate Obama and smear all others.

Yet the most controversial figure admitted to JournoList, the Washington Independent's Spencer Ackerman, makes few claims to disinteredness and objectivity.

Mr. Ackerman suggested that colleagues divert attention from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy that dogged then-candidate Obama's campaign in 2008 by calling certain conservative figures racists.

Ackerman fits the profile of the media's new breed of "blogger/journalists" who write partisan-leaning blogs under the imprimatur of old-school mastheads. One of Ackerman's blogs is called "Attackerman," and he said in a recent interview that "passion is looked down upon in general in journalism, simply because it's a bourgeois institution. If I come across as unprofessional, oh well."
Christian Science Monitor

Tucker Carlson and Anderew Breitbart have shed hot light on these pusillanimous ink-slingers.

They are the precious young things who never cut pipe, dig sewer lines, walk picket lines, patch wounds, go-in-harm's-way, teach the poor. or manage to actually report the news. Their collective ennui moves them to trip and lisp prosings in print and before the cameras of MSNBC and CNN.

This is a howl!

Here are your Journolist Allstars!

1. Ezra Klein
2. Dave Weigel
3. Matthew Yglesias
4. David Dayen
5. Spencer Ackerman
6. Jeffrey Toobin
7. Eric Alterman
8. Paul Krugman
9. John Judis
10. Eve Fairbanks
11. Mike Allen
12. Ben Smith
13. Lisa Lerer
14. Joe Klein
15. Brad DeLong
16. Chris Hayes
17. Matt Duss
18. Jonathan Chait
19. Jesse Singal
20. Michael Cohen
21. Isaac Chotiner
22. Katha Pollitt
23. Alyssa Rosenberg
24. Rick Perlstein
25. Alex Rossmiller
26. Ed Kilgore
27. Walter Shapiro
28. Noam Scheiber
29. Michael Tomasky
30. Rich Yesels
31. Tim Fernholz
32. Dana Goldstein
33. Jonathan Cohn
34. Scott Winship
35. David Roberts
36. Luke Mitchell
37. John Blevins
38. Moira Whelan
39. Henry Farrell
40. Josh Bearman
41. Alec McGillis
42. Greg Anrig
43. Adele Stan
44. Steven Teles
45. Harold Pollack
46. Adam Serwer
47. Ryan Donmoyer
48. Seth Michaels
49. Kate Steadman
50. Matt Duss
51. Laura Rozen
52. Jesse Taylor
53. Michael Hirsh
54. Daniel Davies
55. Jonathan Zasloff
56. Richard Kim
57. Thomas Schaller
58. Jared Bernstein
59. Holly Yeager
60. Joe Conason
61. David Greenberg
62. Todd Gitlin
63. Mark Schmitt
64. Kevin Drum
65. Sarah Spitz


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