Friday, July 16, 2010

Judge Posner -Is He Smoking the Dope He Advocates? He Has An Opinion!!!! On Everything! Once Again It Is Other Judges! Hear Me?

Judge Posner is so powerful there is Cyber Posner -no kidding.

Judge Richard Posner is a Brahmin - an untouchable. How he came to be a Brahmin? The media, the lawyers, the gutless politicians. Smart guy.

He is universally - in that small but powerful universe of Progressive Thought - regarded as smarter than God - if God had gone to Yale and Harvard Law, but He ( all three of him) didn't.

Judge Posner is the big-mouth of the United States Seventh Court of Appeals. He has an opinion on everything -legalize reefer, give every woman an abortion upon conception, make sure that every American affords Richard Posner Enterprises the opportunity to make more millions of dollars, and every black robe in America is stupid, vague and vapid.

Recently, Posner bullied America into overturning a fellow judge's sentencing of Alderman Edward R. Vrdolyak. Ah, Collegiality! A One-way Street. Talk about the Uber- Butt-insky! That incident was where I became Posner Conscious. Judge Posner rails against politics and yet politics is the rose petaled path he trods - at the University of Chicago, in Trust Law and all over the Democratic and Republican and maybe even Communist Party ( Ma and Pa were members) trails.

Once again, Judge Posner goes where he belongs . . .where ever he wants . . . into the Blago Trial:

In his opinion, Posner quickly came to Zagel's defense. In the first sentence, he wrote: "An experienced trial judge made a reasonable determination that the release of jurors' names before the end of the trial would expose the jurors to the widespread mischief that is a daily if not hourly occurrence on the Internet."

Posner then began a scathing review of Easterbrook's decision, calling it "unsound and confusing."

He attacked the presumption of media access. "Jurors are entitled to be treated with respectful regard for their privacy and dignity, rather than as media prey."

He said the panel ignored the consequences of Zagel having to possibly renege on a promise made to jurors and argued that there's no need for a further hearing. "The jurors may well be upset, concerned for their privacy, fearful of the prospect of harassment and angry at having been induced by false pretenses to agree to take months out of their life to perform jury service."

Posner even went so far as to say that Zagel might have to declare a mistrial.

It's highly unusual for a judge to speak so harshly of a previous opinion, Monico said. Putting aside issues of civility, the controversy raises more questions. Is there a real concern of jury tampering if names are released before the end of the trial? What influence will Posner's opinion have on the hearing?

Judge Posner not only looks like Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm but he acts like Larry David's character as well.

Just a helot's opinion. Judge you are a beauty!

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