Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Reply to DNC Chair Tim Kaine - Regular Democrat to DNC Variety

I used to send money to the Democratic National Committee until John Kerry wind-surfed into Boston Harbor and blew kisses to the hags and skanks in Pink "I Had an Abortion" T-Shirts.

Since then, my money goes only to Regular Democrats of the 19th Ward - The fierce and fiery Committeeman Matt O'Shea and Abortion Foe Rep. Kevin Joyce - who damanded that his relacement be eqally anti-Abortion.. I worked for John McCain, I am sad to say, as that Warrior quit the campaign when the economy tanked ( September 19, 2008) and then tried to blame Sarah Palin. I was proud to vote for Sarah Palin, because I was disgusted by John McCain's unwillingness to close the deal.

I keep getting notes from Howard The Duck Dean and Governor Tim Kaine - DNC Bundlers and moral bunglers. Case in point - When did we ever play on a first-name basis, Girls? Also, No one ever good-newsed me by calling me Patrick, Timmy.


1973 Patrick, Greetings! report to the Federal Building at 1800 W. 39th Street for your physical!

1998, Patrick, please send a check in the amount of $ 500 made out to IRS . . .
Here's Timmy Kaine gettimg all intimate with me . . .

Quoting Tim Kaine :

The Democratic Party-----------------------
Patrick --

When President Obama promised to bring change to Washington, we made
a choice. We decided to build a new Democratic Party that, more than
ever, was focused on organizing and guided by the support of
millions of Americans from across the country.

We actively chose to take on the special interests and understood
that there would be consequences for that decision -- now, we're
seeing that bear out.

Reporters are filing stories about how financial reform is driving
Wall Street to cut big checks to the GOP.

I guess the President's plan to rein in the big banks struck a nerve.

Republicans are celebrating that fact -- even bragging about it on
Twitter. Conservative 527s are pledging to commit $200 million to
the 2010 election. With the corporate cash flowing in, they think
they have a real edge in the fall. But we have something the
Republicans don't -- supporters like you.

We need your help to offset the corporate cash. Can you please chip
in $5 or more today?

We made a choice when we decided to change Washington; now you have
a choice to make with this election. You can watch the Republicans
as they raise every special-interest dollar they can find, or you
can match the level of commitment shown by the conservatives.

The consequences of this election are huge, and the Republicans
understand that. They've begun convening weekly meetings with GOP
lawmakers and top conservative lobbyists. They're pledging to raise
hundreds of millions to win back Congress. And Wall Street, big oil,
and the insurance companies are ready to do what it takes to help
them win.

We knew this was coming -- it was the risk we took when we decided
to deliver change.

But the fight is far from over. It doesn't matter how many lobbyists
support the GOP -- the Democratic Party has chosen to go a different
direction. The 2010 election is an opportunity to prove that point.
If you stand with us, we'll show the GOP that there are consequences
for their decisions, too.

Can you donate $5 or more to help us remake Washington?



Governor Tim Kaine

July, 27, 2010


What do you mean We? There's no We in the DNC, Timmy! You can go have carnal relations with yourselves! Ouis! You clowns lost me years ago! I still vote Regular Democrat for anti-Abortion Patriots, but you smarmy gobshites have done nothing but kill Labor and the American Middle Class as well as countless children.

Call me and my neighbors when the National Democrat Party wakes up and sends all the half-wits and murdering hags back to the Kiddie Tables.


Pat Hickey
107^& S. Rockwell
Chicago, IL 60655
19th Ward Democrat

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