Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chicago Sun Times Gets It Right - Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone

Chicago Sun Times Mark Konkol and Frank Main have presented a nearly perfect picture of Chicago's Homicide horrors - Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone. This is nearly complete, but missing in this otherwise fine article is Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers who have made targeting police officers and the City of Chicago for litigation. Loevy and Loevy, G. Flint Taylor and the entire anti-Law Enforcement Industry at Northwestern University.

“The certainty of punishment is very, very low in Chicago, and that’s going to embolden people,” said defense attorney Thomas Needham, who was a top legal adviser to former police Supt. Terry Hillard. “It’s going to lead to less fear by the people who are going to consider shooting. That’s very alarming.”

There is the street testimony -

So far, not one accused shooter has been convicted of pulling the trigger during those deadly 59 hours from April 18-20 of that year, a Chicago Sun-Times investigation has found.

Only one suspected triggerman — a convicted armed robber caught with the AK-47 he allegedly used to blow away his boss — is in jail awaiting trial.

Three other victims said they know who shot them but refused to testify. And after Gamble took the witness stand against the guy who he says shot him, a judge ruled Gamble wasn’t credible because of his criminal record and found the suspect not guilty.

Six murders from that 2008 weekend remain unsolved. And time’s running out to catch the bad guys who shot 29 other people that weekend because there’s a three-year statute of limitations on aggravated batteries with firearms.

Odds are, most of those cases will remain unsolved. The Chicago Police Department’s batting average for catching shooters has fallen to an alarmingly low level.

Well done Chicago Sun Times, especially the always on target Mark Konkol! This is a start.

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