Monday, July 12, 2010

Stabat Mater - for Professor Kenneth Howell; Quinn and Kennedy Grow a Pair!

Huffington Post is up and spinning a very skewed justification of the firing of Professor Kenneth Howell by the bigots of the University of Illinois.

Governor Pat Quinn - grow a pair.

Illinois Professional Panjandrum Chris Kennedy - come out of your ivory 'whatever it is you own' and take action. You two gents play at being Catholic. Let's see something.

Try not to live up to my expectations. ACLU spokesman Ed Yohnka kindly left me an e-mail telling me that he needs to look at the facts. Facts are troubling things to everyone but a Progressive.

Catholics need to slam shut their wallets to Planned Parenthood and GLTB Advocacy Fronts.

In the mean time.

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