Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Pontiff the Bev Rat!

I love Pope Benedict XVI - he is rock-ribbed solid on the Rock of Peter -no gay marriage, no abortions, and no woman ordinations.

He also strikes me as a good guy - drinks beer & etc. - and is a powerful intellect.

I was a bit taken aback by a photo that was sent to me by a pal in Momence, Illinois - My Pontiff is a Bev Rat!

Bev Rats are the high school aged kids who hang out at top of the societal pyramid Kennedy Park,or Beverly Park after serving a two year apprenticeship at the minor league parks ( Monroe,Crescent) in the 19th Ward and drinking Bud Lite along the tracks that run along Rockwell from 103rd ( Beverly Park) to 113th (Kennedy Park).

Bev Rats ( male) tend to wear Cargo Pants from Old Navy or American Eagle, grey Mount Carmel, Brother Rice, Marist, and St. Rita T-shirts over a carefully rolled and blessed cloth-scapular to Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, ankle knots, sandals, or New Balances and of course Baseball Caps.

Bev Rats, my son Conor is an Alumnus Bev Rat, immediately take a brand new baseball hat and strenuously roll the brims after scraping off layers of fabric to affect a 'well-worn look,' as de rigeur!

Here is Pope Benedict XVI ready for that visit to Kennedy Park -"Yo, Ben! Cold Guys at Kennedy! Rice Sucks!

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