Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Like Tea and Tea Parties . . . for Other Folks

I watch eight seconds of MSNBC celebrated nit-wit loudmouth Chris 'Milky' Matthews and his guests Salon's Joan 'Weepy' Walsh and Mother Jones' David 'Crum Character' Corn doing a stomp on the usual targets Tea Party People and Sarah Palin.

MSNBC is in full panic - The Ship of Fools is going down faster than a Dago battleship.

Pop-eyed, mouth-like-a-fire-bucket Matthews was sputtering on and on about racists, Jim Crow, and signs that don't exist. He then went after Nikki Haley, a gorgeous Indian American running South Carolina with the mope that she defeated-

How do you figure your state out? It's pretty conservative obviously. It's Strom Thurmond country in many ways and, and it has people like DeMint pretty far over and then people like Lindsey Graham who are sort of regular conservatives. But then you nominated, your party has nominated an Indian-American woman, Nikki Haley. Obviously an attractive candidate, she knows how to present herself obviously, but what's that about? Is that just an interesting little aspect? "It's okay to be Indian-American but we got a problem with this black president?" What's that about?
Yeah, Milky, everyone has a problem with this President - he is in way over his head and is surrounded and advised by dummies. The only people calling Barack Obama a BLACK President are the morons of MSNBC and CNN - two tanking cables.

What a moron!

I witnessed several Tea Party demonstrations in Chicago's Loop and they were about as threatening as Disney on Ice.

I am and remain a 19th Ward Democrat - Anti-Abortion, No Gay Marriage -civil unions you bettcha, Seal the border and then talk about Amnesty, reduce taxes.

Can not do the Tea Party. I like them and admire them, but I am pretty buttoned down and square and have been wearing the same fashion template since 1965 - Oxford cloth shirts, short hair-cut Princeton not buzz-cut, wools and cottons.

The Tea Party calls to mind too much Colonial America get-up. I don't do pony-tails, or wigs. Tri-cornered hats? Not a chance.

However, there is no racism. No race hate. Three of my black neighbors in Morgan Park are Tea Partiers and wear the ColonialDon't Tread on Me, Chump! regalia

MSNBC needs to run old movies. Chris Matthews needs a tail to chase to keep him busy.

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