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"The Idea of a University"by Newman and Then There's University of illinois

Catholics not wanted at University of Illinois!

Nor is there surely any thing derogatory to the position of a Catholic in such a proceeding. The Church has ever appealed and deferred to witnesses and authorities external to herself, in those matters in which she thought they had means of forming a judgment: and that on the principle, Cuique in arte sua credendum. She has even used unbelievers and pagans in evidence of her truth, as far as their testimony went. She avails herself of scholars, critics, and antiquarians, who are not of her communion. She has worded her theological teaching in the phraseology of Aristotle; Aquila, Symmachus, Theodotion, Origen, Eusebius, and Apollinaris, all more or less heterodox, have supplied materials for primitive exegetics. St. Cyprian called Tertullian his master; {7} St. Augustin refers to Ticonius; Bossuet, in modern times, complimented the labours of the Anglican Bull; the Benedictine editors of the Fathers are familiar with the labours of Fell, Ussher, Pearson, and Beveridge. Pope Benedict XIV. cites according to the occasion the works of Protestants without reserve, and the late French collection of Christian Apologists contains the writings of Locke, Burnet, Tillotson, and Paley. If, then, I come forward in any degree as borrowing the views of certain Protestant schools on the point which is to be discussed, I do so, Gentlemen, as believing, first, that the Catholic Church has ever, in the plenitude of her divine illumination, made use of whatever truth or wisdom she has found in their teaching or their measures; and next, that in particular places or times her children are likely to profit from external suggestions or lessons, which have not been provided for them by herself.

John Henry Cardinal Newman -The Idea of a University

A complaint was later made on behalf of a student in Dr. Howell's class objecting to the exposition of Catholic moral teaching contained in the professor's e-mail on the grounds that it constituted "hate speech". The complaint was circulated among university administrators and presented to Dr. Robert McKim, the head of UI's religion department, who met with Dr. Howell and informed him that he would not be asked back to teach future courses.

Dr. Howell offered to compromise by electing to refrain from discussed the subject of homosexuality in all future classes; an offer summarily rebuffed by McKim. Howell then appealed to his first amendment rights and the principles of academic freedom, pointing out that he had done nothing more than his university-approved job of presenting his students with the unembellished facts of Catholic moral doctrine. This plea was also ignored, and Howell was informed that McKim's decision not to renew his employment was final.

Dr. Howell has since related his dismissal to a number of fundamental religious disagreements between himself and Dr. McKim.
Examiner Cleveland

Yet, The University of Illinois summarily fired Professor Kenneth Howell over an obivious ambush by a student and his friend who found a willing heart in Howell's Department Chair, Robert McKim.

One of the great Victorian essays, found in the canon of every genuine English Department's curriculum was written by Catholic convert -John Henry Cardinal Newman - The Idea of University. That essay is a scholarly arugument for the development of a Catholic university in Ireland -University College Dublin -because Catholics were not welcome at Trinity College. Until that enterprise, Catholic intellectuals either 'took the soup' and affected Protestant devotion like Edmund Burke, or went to France for university education, like Daniel O'Connell.

Religious Toleration, like the Diversity chimera, is a parlor game. Robert McKim, who parses a fatuous and dodgy but fashionable religion presentation which is embraced by agnostic and aetheists and thus also Progressive secularists has a book on religious diversity coming out in 2011. This tome gives cover to the Bill Mahers of our culture as God, to McKim is very, very hidden.

Some Catholics could care less, they tend to be Democrats and elected officials, who also play ball with Gay Advocacy Agenda Groups and the Abortion Industry. They give little or no thought to religious convictions, unless trolling for votes in the 19th Ward or at the Father Perez Council Knights of Columbus and then tell Catholic Street Cred Yarns about Fenwick, De La Salle, or Decatur St. Teresa. Religion is only a button to push.

However, most Catholics live their faith as cops, firemen, teachers, tradesmen, civil servants, nurses and business people. They send their kids to Catholic grammar schools and high schools and nurture the Faith in their children. They tell their kids to remain faithful in this secular melange that we call American Life and kids find that they are as welcome as Amish Kids at Navy Pier, in the circle of the University. The Progressive bullying at the University level is real and empirically evident with this incident. The Faith is under fire.

Newman and Howell are Catholic intellectuals. The University of Illinois revealed that Catholics have no place in it's secularist, gutless, soulless and cowardly idea of a university.

Catholics are not welcome.


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