Sunday, July 25, 2010

CPD in Morgan Park -Tickets for Block Party Don't Seem Right

Aside from water in the basements, downed branches and thorough drenching throughout most of Saturday, some of my neighbors were treated to parking tickets.

I learned this morning that the folks near my house who had moved their cars off of the street where there was yesterday's block party ( the yellow police tapes were up, when I headed to Mass at Sacred Heart Church). Several neighbors were ticketed for having their cars face the wrong direction and one for parking his car on the apron of his garage so as not to block traffic through the alley.

I know the City of Chicago is broke, but this seems a bit heavy-handed. Not even the very thorough Parking Ticket Geek website offers much counsel on wrong-way neighborhood residential parking. There are many, many offerings about

1. Tinted Windows -none of my neighbors have tinted windows, though I see hundreds of Chicago cars that do everyday.

2. The Boot ( Denver Boot is applied when a citizen has three or more unpaid parking tickets) - I have never seen the boot on a car on any block between 103rd/111th Streets nor between Western Avenue and Rockwell).

3. Permits and Stickers - All have those around here.

A Patrol car from 22nd District, that must have missed the attack by three thugs on the night manager of the Burger King when that young man walked home after work on 111th Street, helped increase City Revenue by ticketing the people who had a permit for a block party on the night of that block party.

Don't seem right.

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