Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blago Trial - D-Day Minus One: Tamara Holder and Jimmy Breslin on Fitzy's Case

The Adams Gents get their say and Fitzy's Team will try to compel the jurors to convict Milorad Blagojevich - Illinois's Impeached, Indicted, Tried and . . .we shall see former Governor.

Columnist John Kass, a guy with as sharp a political sense as my own is opaque - I thought George Ryan would dodge a politically concocted and played out trial, has called Blago Governor Dead Meat from the get-go.

It seemed to me that, unlike the George Ryan case for which Patrick Fitzgerald was custom fitted to manage, Fitzy pulled the trigger way too fast on Blago. It seemed to me that he did so in deference to our newly elected President.

It also seemed to me that Congressman Jesse Jackson was being staked out as the Judas Goat on this one. I am no huge fan of Jesse,Junior to say the least, but he never seemed like the porch-climbing hustler that his Old Man happens to be.

Blago? They guy was and remains a political gate-crasher and dim bulb. He was given the pie that is Illinois, because of fear of a Paul Vallas Broom-A-Palooza on politics as usual, were the Attic Brainiac to become Governor of Illinois.

my Pal,Attorney and Fox News Legal Contributor Tamara Holder, who could kick my ass the best day I ever lived, and I agree that Blago just might walk on a conviction.

Here is an excerpt from businessman Al Lewis' site Tell It to

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I talk too much,” Blago said.

“This was the smartest move they could have done,” said Tamara Holder, a criminal defense attorney and Fox News analyst who has been covering the trial. “The moment you open Blagojevich up to cross examination, you never know what you are going to get.”

Holder has called the government’s case weak from the beginning. That’s more of a boost than Blago ever gave her.

When Blago was governor, Holder sent him letters pleading for pardons for some of her clients. “He left all of them on his desk when he was impeached,” Holder said.

I wish I could count how many times an editor once asked me, “How would Jimmy Breslin cover the story?”

The legendary columnist is renowned for dodging the mob of reporters assigned to JFK’s funeral and interviewing JFK’s grave digger instead.

Well, there was Jimmy Breslin, covering the trial. But there was no gravedigger for Blago.

“These charges wouldn’t get you five cents in New York City,” Breslin huffed. “I can’t smell money.”

Legendary Newsman Jimmy Breslin is long-in-the teeth that can still gnaw up a storm; Tamara Holder is long-in-the legs and smarter than the Medill School of Journalism - I think that they are on the money - Blago will walk because Fitzy can not Show Us The Money!


Tamara N. Holder said...

Great article, Pat! True, I am long in the legs. False, I cannot kick your ass, although you did get me worked-up back in the day. Now, I love agreeing and disagreeing with you.

Yep, Blago sure left my clients and many other petitioners for Governor's pardons high-and-dry. He could have made a decision. He could have just denied all of them, instead of leaving so many people to wonder for so many years if their names would be cleared. Yes or no, just make a decision! (By law, the Governor has a DUTY to grant or deny pardons. It is part of his job description!)

But, I am not a grudge-holder. Aside from my personal feelings about the Governor -- based solely on the pardon-issue -- I think that the Government did one helluva crappy job on this case.

I am sad to see it end so suddenly. Many people should be sending the Sam Adam defense team champagne and fruit baskets, as well as a thank-you letter. "Dear Blago defense team: Thank you for not calling me to the stand because I'm just as much of a shady character as your client."

Stay tuned for my Daily Caller Post!

Thanks again for your great contribution to the blogosphere. You rock. (Maybe it's because your lovely lady whipped you into shape?)

pathickey said...

The women in my life(late wife Mary) the lovely Terry, and daughters Nora and Clare still have some heavy coal to heave with this Mule of a Man.
Ooooo, three day old pizza! Dibs for Daddy!