Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morgan Park Heroes of Kyle's Generations Barbecue Sauce

Four young guys from my neighborhood are heroes of the American Way. The quartet who gave our neighborhood Kyle's Generations Barbecue Sauce left private Morgan Park Academy, went on to higher education, but, instead of guzzling gallons of malted grain beverages in their spare time, formed a small business.

Kyle Earman – President of Kyle’s Grill Inc.

Bobby Churchill – Vice President and Head of Research and Development Department

Jeremy Madsen – Head of the Technology Department

Nolan Bielinski – Head of the Sales Department T

I met Kyle a few months back at County Fair Foods at 10800 S. Western, where Bill and Tom Baffes had provided the gents with a booth to hawk their product.

I have been a dedicated Agia B's Mumbo Sauce Man ever since 1969, when the late Thomas Foy (Leo '70) brought a case of Mumbo to a 'picnic' at Dan Ryan Woods. I'd eat a pair of Eddie Carroll's old Tighty Whities were they properly washed and then slathered in Mumbo. On that day, in County Fair, Lyle offered his product, which is remarkably sweet . . .and offers an after kiss of delicate spiciness.

I now purchase both fine Chicago based products - Mumbo to satisfy my John D'Conqueroo Self and Kyle's when whimsy overtakes me. I find Kyle's Generations most suitable for my Morgan Pork Masterpiece Sandwich.

Thus -

Two lightly toasted slices of Nature's Pride Oatmeal Bread
One thin slice of Red Onion
One layer of mixed greens
Three thinly sliced shingles of cold roasted pork loin
1/2 ounce of Kyle's Generations Barbecue Sauce applied liberally to both slices of bread.

You can purchase Kyle's Generations at these fine stores -

Available At:
County Fair Foods Randy's Market
10800 S Western Avenue 14250 South Ravinia Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643 Orland Park, IL 60462

Freshline Foods Bizios Fresh Market
5355 West 95th Street 3446 Vollmer Road
Oak Lawn, IL 60453 Olympia Fields, IL 60461

Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant Oak Lawn Farmer’s Market* (Weds 7 am – 1 pm)
15690 South Harlem Avenue 9446 Raymond Avenue
Orland Park, IL 60462 Oak Lawn, IL 60453

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