Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sorry, Father Pfleger. You'd Like Us to Hate You, But We Can Not Oblige. Ignore, Yes!

Father Pfleger has the Chicago Sun Times, which helped create the character screaming all over You Tube, going flat-out to help save his Public Life.

Instead of going to the Catholic Parishes that Pfleger routinely smears as racist and offering a true apology, The Real Pfleger sniffled to his flock that he has received 3,000 hateful e-mails ( Is that All?) over his disgracefully racist rant at Trinity. He said he has received 'Death Threats,' which he should have reported to the Chicago Police Department - that group of brave men and women that he calls a 'systemically racist' army of occupation.

The Chicago Sun Times, a dying fool itself. offers this from Pastor Pfleger's Apology.

Hate me if you will. Hate my imperfect presentation. Hate my imperfect dramatization. Hate my imperfect articulation. I have never presumed to be anything but imperfect, but I pray I can still beat the drum of justice, even if sometimes I am off beat.

Thank you.

No Thank You, Father. You are finally out in the Public Eye, as the Man in Full.

We have always understood. You have made a career of scooping everyone that I love and respect in your convenient net. No Fisher of Men - Just a Poacher.

To make your life simple, your ministry, your enterprise, your agenda, your celebrity, your hubris, you have made me and my children, my parents, my brothers and sister, my extended family, my neighbors, my heritage, my moral foundation, my history, my identity and my Church as racist and two dimensional monsters.

I know other priests who have worked as hard as you for poor black people and with as much success in meeting their spiritual and temporal needs, but without the snap and fizz you demand in the Public Eye. They minister and that is tough and unsexy work.

You spit and vilify, get the media and attention necessary and run away for awhile. Works for you, until now.

Now, your sad and divisive methods are out in full. Endgame.

You ask us to Hate You. Sorry, I can not oblige. I ignore you.


Anonymous said...

It reminded me of the white kids I see running around with the baggy pants, underwear showing, hats tilted to the side, the bling bling, all of them trying to be something they're not. I got that same vibe from brutha' Pfleger. Perhaps he too wishes he was black.

colecurtis said...

Mistah Pat I believe that this was all a ploy so Fauxbama could publicly distance himself from "the church"....NOT! This is a big production that ain't foolin nobody unless they are blind. This is to try and escape that muslim mentality and tag that he has been labeled with...Ain't workin for me. "Look" the lapel pin and the mumblings Fauxbama made about he did his worshiping through actions rather than prayer didn't work so they are trying something else. This is one more trick out of that bottomless bag of tricks that the DNC possesses. This is as fake as Fauxbama's campaign.

Anonymous said...


You sure can pick them. I usually don't write this often.

Mickey "P" is a fraud and a sham disguised in a roman collar.

From the day I'd arrested him for the third time, he had already become , in my eyes, nothing more than a self serving liar.

As a student of George Clemmons Mickey learned, though not well enough, the tricks and value of media attention. He can't get enough to satisfy his enormous ego.

His actions scream , "LOOK AT ME PLEEEEASE" !!!

He is a pathetic little man. To continue here would be a waste of time.


Anonymous said...

Pat Hickey, will you at least recognize there is real racism. The virulent hate that happened (perhaps understandibly) after neighborhoods went White to Black (and some specifically predominantly Irish) was real and memorable for those still living.
I am not necessarily a fan of Fr MP but I do understand the perspective and some of the discussion if it were a different tone or more nuanced.
Racism is real. It still exists and certainly existed at the time Sabinas was changed because of demographics.

pathickey said...

'I am not necessarily a fan of Fr MP but I do understand the perspective and some of the discussion if it were a different tone or more nuanced.
Racism is real.'

Si, You Old Lumber Lugger!

Sure, that Old nuanced racism is afoot.

So long as Scab Yankers like Father Mike make a nice and fluid living off of race as a cottage industry it will get plenty of that there nuance.

Race baiting is getting to be almost financially rewarding as the Pharmacuetical Industry! Once pill pushers and Scab Yankers figure out the nuance of Federal Monies, the sky's the limit!

Father Mike will be just fine - the rest of us white and black better start digging deeper holes t bury the nuts - gonna be a chilly winter and long hot summer.

Now, heft that Cross, Si!

colecurtis said...

well I agree with anonymous that this is just another ploy to get attention and I also think that This was Fauxbama's solution to publically distance himself from "that racist church" as possible and BTW it didn't work. Simon Cyrene talking about there is racism going on and he is absolutely right but he has African Americans mixed up with victims. We are the victims what side of the pew was he sitting on? or was he the one in the pulpit?
I believe we were the ones being attacked and losing ground everyday to Hispanics and blacks and my friends that is real and that is fact and that is happening as we speak.

pathickey said...


There is 'race hate for everyone! - it is an equal opportunity industry.

Back in the late '60's and 70's there was group of dweebs that dressed up in Nazi regalia and called each other - Gaulitier: which means Mayor in German and folks generally laughed them off the streets - one of my cousins, a much more forthright and energetic individual than your craven correspondent, jumped out of his car at 63rd & Kedzie - where the erzatz Storm-Troopers were shouting race hate - and punctuated their sententiae with his knuckles. Drop both Schutzstaffle Playboys with a deft 'cold cock' to each snot locker.

Today, cousin, would be arrested for violating Free Speech.

Back in a more simple time traffic flowed through the busy commercial intersection without pause and encomiums, nods of assent, and the Celtic thumbs up greeted the energetic lad.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Padre Miguel from your beloved Bevelery neighborhood?

pathickey said...

No. Father is from TheWrightwood community and currently of the Auburn Gresham Community.

Jeremiah Wright lives quiet comforatably in Beverly, however; protestations of white entitlement by the good Rev., notwithstanding.