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John McCain: PT-527 The Huffington Post

Huffington Post Ship of Fools: Obama's PT -527

Byron York has a good point - any questions directed to Senator Obama that the shadowy R. Senator from Illinois does not 'feel' like answering is "swiftboating."

It's common to see mentions in the press these days about some "swiftboating" of Barack Obama that is allegedly in the works, or might someday allegedly be in the works, or might someday be thought to be allegedly in the works. While I'm sure there will be some hit jobs on Obama — this is a presidential campaign, after all — this talk seems to be based on a fundamental misunderstanding, perhaps willful in some cases, of the swiftboat episode in the 2004 campaign.
. . .
Today, there is a tendency to describe any criticism of Barack Obama as "swiftboating." So far, it's been a pretty effective attack pre-emption device. But it has nothing to do with "swiftboating"; you can't just "swiftboat" somebody. Now, if all of the pastors who worked with Obama when he was a community organizer in Chicago came together to criticize his behavior back then, that would qualify. But until something like that happens, could everyone — at least those not working for the Obama campaign or the DNC — dispense with the "swiftboating" talk?


Byron York notes that Obama warns everyone with a 40 Watt intellect that 'they will try to make you afraid.'

They being the plural pronoun and all that it portends. Chilling, as the venti latte crowd is wont to lisp.

Well, Folks. Senator Obama has 527s aplenty. MSNBC, Daily Kos, The Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times & etc. More Swiftboats than the League of Nations had to deal with!

The Swiftboat Flagship is Arianna Huffington's Greeks & Geeks Navy PT-527 The Huffington Post with a wacky crew that McHale's Navy would not allow near the plywood deck of anything afloat. Marty Kaplan, Steve Weber, and other Hollywodd lightweights man Arianna's bubble blasters with such broadsides as Marty Kaplan'sBush Gives Dems STDsBush or Steve Weber's imitation of Lord Bulwer-Lytton and this Andy Borowitz bit of fecal artistry Cindy McCain Robot Gets New Head by Andy Borowitz.

Real 4th grade stuff.

Today HUFFPO is locked and loaded with George Carlin tributes attesting to his rock-ribbed detestation of the Faith in which he was Bapitized which always gets hugged in Hollywood like one of Michael Vick's pups.

Bill Maher, a Carlin Lite, equates dogs to 'retarded children' and has made a career of spitting on the crucifix. He's huge for Obama!

Obama reaches out to Catholics with Bill Maher and Huffington Post. He is worthy of the Seal he now has put into the attic.

Huffington Post, Boys and Girls, is a 527 Swift Boat - P(olitical) T(railMix Eaters)-527

Here is today's attack plan:

The Blog

Arianna Huffington: McCain's Campaign Funding Hypocrisy: Why Are the Media Looking the Other Way?The mainstream media's overheated response to Barack Obama's decision to opt out of the public campaign finance system is prime evidence of the media's ongoing membership in the John McCain Protection Society and its offshoot, the Swift Boat Media for McCain, and of how their highly motivated efforts are affecting the presidential race. McCain called Obama's decision "a big deal." What's actually a big deal is the Swift Boat Media's complete indifference to McCain's bald-faced hypocrisy on the same issue. Amidst all the attacks on Obama's "flip-flop," how much have you read in the old media about the fact that McCain has "completely reversed himself" on public financing -- and is currently breaking campaign finance law on a daily basis?

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