Wednesday, June 04, 2008

John McCain: Harold Ford Got It Right - McCain Set the Bar Too High for Obama Last Night

The entire Soros Information Industry is trying to gut former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford. The Democratic Leadership Committee Chair, Ford warned the Obama campaign to study McCain's speech and learn something. The MSNBC Tool Shed giggled and Oafed.

Huffington Post - Hollywood Squares the political train set for coked out movie and TV has-beens, convicted check kiter Progressive theorists and all manner of trendy goofball has its collective panties in a twist because only Harold Ford realizes the power of John McCain's speech.

Atlantic fop-journalist Matt Yglesias - no relation to the singer - spits out this:

I thought it was strange that Harold Ford's on MSNBC right now deliberately sabotaging the Democratic Party, lavishly praising John McCain and McCain's speech. Then I remembered that Ford took over as head of the DLC so boosting the GOP is part of his job.

Well, Cupcake, here is what is very clear to most Americans and Harold Ford tried to wise you dummies up a bit:

Both Senator Obama and I promise we will end Washington's stagnant, unproductive partisanship. But one of us has a record of working to do that and one of us doesn't. Americans have seen me put aside partisan and personal interests to move this country forward. They haven't seen Senator Obama do the same. For all his fine words and all his promise, he has never taken the hard but right course of risking his own interests for yours; of standing against the partisan rancor on his side to stand up for our country. He is an impressive man, who makes a great first impression. But he hasn't been willing to make the tough calls; to challenge his party; to risk criticism from his supporters to bring real change to Washington. I have.

When members of my party refused to compromise not on principle but for partisanship, I have sought to do so. When I fought corruption it didn't matter to me if the culprits were Democrats or Republicans. I exposed it and let the chips fall where they may. When I worked on campaign finance and ethics reform, I did so with Democrats and Republicans, even though we were criticized by other members of our parties, who preferred to keep things as they were. I have never refused to work with Democrats simply for the sake of partisanship. I've always known we belong to different parties, not different countries. We are Americans before we are anything else.

I don't seek the presidency on the presumption I'm blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save my country in its hour of need. I seek the office with the humility of a man who cannot forget my country saved me. I'll reach out my hand to anyone, Republican or Democrat, who will help me change what needs to be changed; fix what needs to be fixed; and give this country a government as capable and good as the people it is supposed to serve. There is a time to campaign, and a time to govern. If I'm elected President, the era of the permanent campaign of the last sixteen years will end. The era of reform and problem solving will begin. From my first day in office, I'll work with anyone to make America safe, prosperous and proud. And I won't care who gets the credit as long as America gets the benefit.

I have seen Republicans and Democrats achieve great things together. When the stakes were high and it mattered most, I've seen them work together in common purpose, as we did in the weeks after September 11th. This kind of cooperation has made all the difference at crucial turns in our history. It has given us hope in difficult times. It has moved America forward. And that, my friends, is the kind of change we need right now.

Thank you.

Harold Ford would be a powerful candidate in 2012. John McCain will have a tough time keeping such a smart and tough man out of the White House.


colecurtis said...

Great post Mistah Pat I checked in earlier and you hadn't posted yet so I am just now getting back over here to you. Did you hear that crap that Fauxbama was peddling last night on that speech that was obviously aimed at Hillary's voters. talking about how admirable,how smart and so on and so forth all the while shoving her out of the campaign. Now the question is will Fauxbama offer her a veep position and if so will she accept? or will she contest this whole fiasco that the DNC and Howard Dean have set up to get their hand puppet Fauxbama nominated? They wanted Fauxbama because he is easy to manipulate and Hillary has a mind of her own.

Brad Marston said...

God I love your stuff Pat. I am so glad you are on our side. I would hate to have to go up against you rhetorically.

colecurtis said...

Yes Sireee Brad and I remind him of that fact regularly. we are so very privaledged to have such a great mind and penman as Mistah Pat supporting our effort rather than hindering it.