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John McCain: Mugabe and Obama Work off the Same Playbook - Redistribute Wealth!

'Barry, I told You! Redistribution of Land, Wealth, Property and Liberty Works Fine For Me! I got American Honory Degrees from Amherst! Keep Hope Alive, Kid!' Bob Mugabe

Mr. President, the United States must continue to stand strongly against the Mugabe government’s abuses of power in Zimbabwe. We must join with our European allies, the United Nations, and – most importantly – the countries and institutions of the region to press for positive change in Zimbabwe. That means a peaceful democratic transition in 2008, and support for economic growth and opportunity – including the lifting of sanctions – once the dark cloud of Mugabe’s rule is lifted, and Zimbabweans are able again to reach for the new horizon they deserve.
Senator Barack Obama March 15, 2007

Hold the phone there Senator, Mugabe is merely doing what you will do as President - Redistribute Wealth, Property and Liberty.

Her's Bob Gibbs, your mouthpiece!

"He's going to raise taxes on those wealthy lobbyists that work for the McCain campaign," Obama's communications director Robert Gibbs

Two Megablocks in the Lego (of property and capital)Land that is Obama-nomics SEIU and the AFSCME People get their raises from 'redistribution of wealth' practices, as do the Public School Teachers and Employee lobbies.

Tax-payers buck up everytime Andy Stern yanks the chain on his pets - Editorial Boards and Spineless Politicians. Barack Obama appreciates the SEIU labelfrom his long association with Progressive Purse Puppy Politicians who leap when Purple Andy whistles. SEIU orchestrated the Big Box Boondoggle Ordinance in Chicago, until Andy Stern exercised his squeeze and sweetheart deal with Wal-Mart. Then Andy called off the dogs.

Obama is an old school Progressive, like the lads who licked Robert 'Bob' Mugabe's toes. Dig this from the Spectator in May last year:

I first saw Robert Mugabe in the flesh at a UN Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002.

His arrival on the podium was preceded by US defence secretary Colin Powell, who was booed and jeered, and by Tony Blair, who met with similar indignities. Mugabe, on the other hand, was greeted by a tumultuous standing ovation. I wrote it off as a passing fad. At the time, black power fanatics were still pumped up over Mugabe's ethnic cleansing of white farmers, and one assumed their enthusiasm would wear off once the consequences of Mugabe's folly manifested themselves.

Not so. By 2004, Zimbabwe's economy was in freefall and his subjects were growing hungry, but Mugabe was more popular than ever.

No, not in Zimbabwe. His fans were black people elsewhere. He received standing ovations in many African capitals, and at President Mbeki's 2004 swearing-in ceremony.

By then, it was clear that his 'fast-track landreform programme' had not significantly reversed his unpopularity at home, and he had already taken to bludgeoning black opponents and rigging elections in order to stay in power.

His black supporters didn't care. Mugabe was giving the whites hell. Mugabe was therefore a hero. 'Mugabe is speaking for black people worldwide, ' wrote the Johannesburg commentator Harry Mashabela.

One assumed this accounted for the Mbeki administration's reluctance to criticise Mugabe in public. We were told that the situation in Zimbabwe was delicate, and that 'quiet diplomacy' offered the best shot at staving off anarchy. For a while this seemed plausible, but in time it became clear that quiet diplomacy was mostly a cover for covert support. When Western members of the Commonwealth moved to expel Mugabe, South Africa helped block them. South Africa also thwarted attempts to place his atrocities on the agenda at the UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Committee. Meanwhile, the rape of Zimbabwe gained momentum, and Mugabe's popularity swelled to rock-star proportions. Last year, the cocky little psychopath informed an audience of African-American New Yorkers that his rule had created 'an unprecedented era of peace and tranquillity' back home. They gave him a standing ovation.

One understands the wounds of history, but even so one believed there would come a day when Mugabe's militant fans realised their behaviour was restoring the reputation of Ian Smith, who prophesised that Rhodesia would be 'buggered' if the blacks took over.

By the beginning of this year, Smith was utterly vindicated. Eight out of ten Zimbabweans were jobless, and those who had work were screwed anyway, because inflation was 2,200 per cent and they couldn't afford anything. Hospitals and schools were collapsing, factories closing. Millions were facing starvation. In a report for the Sunday Times four months ago R.W. Johnson interviewed a game ranger who said Zimbabwe's hyenas were developing a taste for human flesh, the result of scavenging on corpses 'cast into collective pits like cattle'. He concluded that Mugabe's misrule had resulted in as many as two million deaths -- twice as many as perished in the Rwandan genocide -- and that 'the number is now heading into regions previously explored only by Stalin, Mao and Adolf Eichmann.' It was against this backdrop that the UN's Commission on Sustainable Development met to elect a new leader last Friday. The chair of this body rotates between regions; this year it fell to Africa to make an appointment, and African countries were bent on installing Mugabe's man. Western diplomats initially thought this was some sort of joke, but as the day passed, it emerged that Africans were indeed of the opinion that a body dedicated to fostering development could credibly be chaired by a murderous regime that had reduced a once-thriving nation to absolute penury. The West was dumbfounded. 'Beyond parody, ' said an Australian newspaper columnist. 'Appalling, ' said his Prime Minister, John Howard. 'Preposterous, ' said the American human rights lobby Freedom House. But Africans wangled support from Latin America and their motion was carried.;col1

Then in February Obama and Shapeshiffter VP Wannabe Chuck Hagel tried to run this by the American taxpayer:

Unnoticed by most Americans this week, the Obama/Hagel GLOBAL POVERTY ACT was quickly approved by a senate committee and cleared for the next step, debate in a democrat-controlled senate.

The GLOBAL POVERTY ACT is unique in its breathtaking scope. It is not foreign-aid. The Act will require the President and Congress to set aside .07% of the annual gross national product - our GNP - to be distributed around the globe to relieve poverty at a cost of about $800 billion dollars annually to taxpayers. It is Barack Obama’s response to the call of the Bali Global Warming Conference for a global carbon tax; a blatant redistribution of the planet’s wealth to the “powerless”.

Coupled with his riveting stump speeches which generate huge emotional reactions from his equally huge audiences - speeches which literally call for a redistribution of wealth right here at home as well - Barack Obama’s sponsorship of the GLOBAL POVERTY ACT gives us a chilling preview of an Obama presidency.

Obama is being scripted by Bob Mugabe's Cheerleaders. Mugabe is still killing with impunity in Zimbabwe.

With SEIU, AFSCME People, ACORN, Billy Ayers, George Soros, and Hollywood Morons calling Obama's tunes, how ccan anyone not vote for an American - John McCain!

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colecurtis said...

"Oh Mistah Pat this piece is powerful, attention getting and yes above everything else, all of it is true. As you know I did several posts on my blog about Obama and his Mugabe clan and Odinga clan connection. The events that surrounded the Mugabe election and and ultimately lead up to a horrific onslaught of innocent church goers and of all days on New Years Day of this year.