Thursday, June 19, 2008

John McCain: Vouchers and School Choice Getting Aborted by DNC and Obama: Chicago Media Obama Combine

Here in Chicago, both Chicago daily newspapers are solidly in the tank for Barack Obama. Chicago Daily Observer the only balanced news and opinion reporting in our city, noted that new Chicago Tribune subscribers get a FREE Obama T-Shirt with each purchase. Progressives soil their Victoria's Secrets if a Regular Democratic politician were to pop for a round of beers during an election cycle.

Here in Chicago, Alderman Paddy Bauler ( 'Chicago Ain't Ready for Reform') has been usurped by Billy Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn; Barack Obama; 501 (c) 3 radical University Think Tanks and lap-dog journalists. National Review's Jim Gereghty gave Chicago Media a an overdue kick in the slats today:

In fact, when Obama’s connection to Ayers received real scrutiny from the national press, local columnists offered “so what?” reactions, insisting the relationship was “no big deal.” The Chicago Tribune’s editorial board insisted that Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (his wife and fellow former Weatherman) “have done good work in Chicago.”

Former Tribune reporter David Mendell offers an interesting overview of Obama’s career-long relationship with the press in Obama: From Promise To Power. There are prickly moments, occasional stories that aren’t flattering to the senator, and (once in a great while) mountainous controversies made out of molehill-level misdeeds on Obama’s part. But for the most part the Chicago media were charmed by Obama’s considerable charisma, and acted more like Obama Girl than like Woodward and Bernstein

John Kass and Brenda Killanski, a Chicago Tribune Researcher, alone have been independent in their coverage of Obama.

Chicago's media is solidly a part of the Obama Combine - to use John Kass' term: a confederation of redistribution of wealth radicals ( Ayers/Dohrn/Peoples Law Office/Cease Fire/Acorn); media corporations ( Chicago Tribune Company/Sun Times News Group); political opportunists ( Schakowsky/Moore/Preckwinkle/Solis/Daley); convicted felon(s) (Rezko & those whom Rezko happens to be Trading up).

School Choice/Vouchers is a breakout issue. Real school Reform begins and ends with Choice.

Obama is as chained to the Public School Lobby as he is to Planned Parenthood.

The Obama Combine agrees completely - School Choice must ne Aborted!

Click my post title for the DNC's strangling in the cradle of School Choice in Washington D.D. - John McCain is against Abortion and John McCain is solidly for School Choice.

Voters are not locked into the Obama Combine.


Anonymous said...

I thought you didn't like the term combine.

pathickey said...

I prefer Combo.

e.g. John's Italian Beef & charcoal grilled Italian Sausage on Gonnella with spoonfuls of hot giardinara

Bert said...

I enjoy the strangling school choice/babies image this post conjures up.