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John McCain: MSNBC's Olbermann All About The Ketchup and the Anti-McCain

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From Paul Froelich's Countdown to Meltdown account in the New York Post:

We're told Olbermann didn't get to Tuesday's ceremony, and went to Washington by car to broadcast from outside the Kennedy Center the next day. An aghast witness there said, "As guests were making their way into the memorial, Keith went apoplectic because there were no ketchup packets at the Kennedy Center."

Olbermann was heard saying outside the service, "this place is going to hell," because his Washington staff couldn't find ketchup packets for lunch at the Center. An NBC insider claimed, however, "Keith did not have lunch at the Kennedy Center and was not eating on the set because he was anchoring a broadcast."

A rep for Olbermann snapped: "Since whatever you're going to print is an outright lie, you can go ahead and write whatever you want. That's on the record and applies to all future items you might make up."

Fair enough - Let the fabrication begin!

Item #1 - Keith Olbermann caught treating janitor and his entire family to lunch at Uncle Jack's Steak House for doing an exceptional job.

Item # 2. MSNBC's Keith Olbermann did not embarrass most American adults in this evening's CountDown broadcast

Item # 3. MSNBC's Keith Olbermann apologized to the starving blind crack baby from whom the fabulously compensated Olbermann took a Three Musketeers Bar outside of 30 Rockefeller Center last week.

Really, Keith. We don't need to make this stuff up. You do a bang-up job providing bar-fodder to one and all!

The key reason that I support John McCain is the fact that McCain is like most Americans:

John McCain seems like the guy who brings over the spare sump pump, when the basement floods - again; he's a guy who joins the fish fry crew during Lent at St. Turibius; the man who drops off non-nose bleed tickets for the Bears/Vikings game, because 'he can't use them;' the gentleman setting up the chairs for the morning and evening services at New Pisgah Church; the authority on indirect heat grilling who slow cooks the ribs without making a federal case of the fact; McCain has the chain-saw when the tree comes down in your yard; the neighbor who quietly lets you know that your 8th Grade Cheerleader,Vickey, was smoking at the Mall and you might want to ask her about the pack Camel Menthols in her Louis Vutton knock-off purse; he walks his cousin suffering from Alzheimer's to Keegan's Pub for a half/half every Sunday; he's the quiet gent doing an extra lap around the rosary in the back of St. Gabe's before he stops by the Our Flag Club for the wide-screen Bears opener party. He's the best guy in every neighborhood.
With Both HandWednesday, September 05, 2007

Then there is Keith Olbermann - The Template for Jerks - America's # 1. Juice Bag!

Like Huffington Post line-up of lightweights and losers, Olbermann and a thick handful of the crew at MSNBC - Chris 'Milky' Matthew, Dan 'Nepotism Rocks!' Abrams, Rachel 'Hey, Mac!' Maddow, and their cavalcade of Newsweek hacks Dana Millbanks and that Limey Pencil Neck Geek, Olbermann represents everything that most Americans are not:

1. Overpaid to do a job that Jimmy the Two Headed Boy could do

2. Self-absorbed

3. Whiny

4. Amused by the misfortune of others

5. Detached to sacrifices and dedication of workers

Keith Olbermann, it is reported, pouted and tossed a tantrum that a Romanoff would have been proud of, in the vain attempt to take Tim Russert's seat on Meet the Press following Russert's sudden and sad death. The job went to Tom Brokaw who gave Olbermann an on-air tune-up for his oafish comment on Hillary Clinton, following her departure from the Democratic Race.

Tantrums work with toddlers and Russian aristocrats.

Click my post title for the interesting New York Post feature.

Temper Tantrums:

Several basic causes of tantrums are familiar to parents everywhere: The child is seeking attention or is tired, hungry, or uncomfortable. In addition, tantrums are often the result of kids' frustration with the world — they can't get something (for example, an object or a parent) to do what they want. Frustration is an unavoidable part of their lives as they learn how people, objects, and their own bodies work.

Tantrums are common during the second year of life, a time when children are acquiring language. Toddlers generally understand more than they can express. Imagine not being able to communicate your needs to someone — a frustrating experience that may precipitate a tantrum. As language skills improve, tantrums tend to decrease.

As language skills improve - Good Night and Good Luck!

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