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John McCain: Man Versus Afflatus: Secular ἐνθουσιασμός

The Democrats have extraordinary enthusiasm on their side.

There is a sour US mood, mostly directed at President Bush. John McCain has had to walk a fine line in terms of distancing himself from Bush, and has, so far, done well. Obama's challenge will be to sustain the mood of enthusiasm over the summer

Many polls have shown the race is dead even - but there are a lot of variables. Pew Polls, for example, have shown John McCain ahead on handling Iraq. The issue of national security will be seen as his strength.

However, there is less attention focused on Iraq at the moment. It's on the back burner and there is a steady simmer but the economy is the strongest issue.

Many Americans feel that the country has gone off on the wrong track, with inflation etc. There are certainly concerns over Barack Obama's inexperience.
Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute.

John McCain calls himself ' a flawed servant.' You may say. John McCain is all too human - by his own admission. Huffington Post, MSNBC, Daily Kos, DNC, and Obamamaton Bloggers are a great source for McCain Pain.

To them ( especially daffy Chris Matthews and bloated baritone Keith Olbermann), Barack Obama is a secular god - a rock-star deity - an ubermensch (Superman) and so far the kryptonite has been working slower than a teenage boy with long driveway full of snow.

American Progressives have helped create the Obama Nation - that throng of Americans (voters and enthusiasts)which seems to fill every Obama event venue like a Leni Riefenstahl Spectacle.

Progressives grew out of the 19th Century tradition of religious enthusiasts and shed the God centered 'nonsense' for the secular welding of the world to their will.

Enthusiasm (ἐνθουσιασμός) root - en-theos = in God. An enthusiast is a person inspired by god. *see: Biblical inspiration - (inspiration Greek - θεοπνευστος - Theopneustos = literally God breathed) When the early Christians would see someone convert to Christianity there was this overwhelming joy that followed the gift of Salvation but they had a problem there was no word to describe this feeling so they combined the two words (in God) creating the word (entheos) from which we get the English word Enthusiasm.

Its uses were confined to a belief in religious inspiration, or to intense religious fervour or emotion. Thus a Syrian sect of the 4th century was known as the Enthusiasts. They believed that by perpetual prayer, ascetic practices and contemplation, man could become [inspired] by the Holy Spirit, in spite of the ruling evil spirit, which the fall had given to him. From their belief in the efficacy of prayer, they were also known as Euchites. Several Protestant sects of the 16th and 17th centuries were called enthusiastic. During the years immediately following the Glorious Revolution, "enthusiasm" was a British pejorative term for advocacy of any political or religious cause in public. Such "enthusiasm" was seen in the time around 1700 as the cause of the previous century's English Civil War and its attendant atrocities, and thus it was an absolute social sin to remind others of the war by engaging in enthusiasm. The Royal Society bylaws stipulated that any person discussing religion or politics at a Society meeting was to be summarily ejected for being an "enthusiast."[citation needed] During the 18th century, popular Methodists such as John Wesley or George Whitefield were accused of blind enthusiasm (i.e. fanaticism).
From Wikpedia.

The American Great Awakening which brought about the Abolitionist Movement, Womans Suffrage, Abortion Rights, Prohibition, Antiwar Activism and Gay and Lesbian Activism through the activism of William Lloyd Garrison, John Brown,Matilda Bradley Carse, Frances Willard, Margaret Sanger, Jane Addams and Roger Baldwin is root of the Progressive grip on the Democratic National Committee. Catholic politicians who 'personally oppose Abortion, Gay Marriage etc.' publicly worship at the altar of Progressivism.

These secular Inquisitors made the Dominican lads in Spain seem like Quakers.

Their descendants have held control of Democratic National Committee since 1972, when the McGovernites staged a coup of the Democratic Party. The Enthusiasts have called the tune and Barack Obama's Campaign dance like Isadora Duncan on Bennies!

Watch the scarf.

I'll take a 'flawed servant' one who has record of heroism, independence, courage and service: John McCain!

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