Thursday, June 12, 2008

John McCain: Cammy Paglia is Bullish for Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as Obama VP Gal Pal!

But I've come to feel that Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is Obama's best bet. She is a polished public presence who epitomizes that cordial, smoothly reassuring, and blandly generic WASPiness that has persistently defined the American power structure in business and government and that has weirdly resisted wave after wave of immigration since the mid-19th century. An Obama-Sebelius pairing would be visually vibrant and radiant, like a new day dawning.
Camille Paglia

That old bull dyke can write! When an in-your-face lesbian feminist with the brains of Tolstoy and the ability to make John Donne something more than a dead old white guy speaks, the trendy elites perk up their ears. Joe Biden my Aunt Bridgey! That tired speech lifter will always be a back bencher. I was huge Joe Biden fan until I learned that he was even lazier and more ambitious than the plungers in my Honors English Class back in 1988. Joe, they were grade hungry, but fought the inclination to lift passages without citing them according to MLA standards.

Paglia gives Biden and Jim Webb the brush off and really lays into Senator Clinton - according to the same script followed at MSNBC,, Daily Kos and teh Obama Campaign. Stayed tuned to U.S. Attorney Pat Fitzgerald - Obama might be turning in his elegant wardrobe for the same orange jump-suit that Bob 'The Kite Runner' Creamer of Huffington Post wore in Terra Haut, Indiana. From what I hear Tony Rezko is singing like a canary - or that Brazilian babe that you write about at the close of your essay.

Do, clique my post title for Camille's fine piece ( too sexist?) on Barack's VP choice.

Camille, like the weasely little Stanly Fish who was OH, SO! collegial with Billy 'The Bomber' Ayers and his odious old lady Bernadine Dohrn while looting the State of Illinois as titular smart guy for University of Illinois at Cement City ( Chicago. Campus), wears Obama's pledge pin.

John McCain, thank God, has no such BOHOs hanging around his Campaign. McCain does not need parsers to explain talking points to his supporters.

We are the working stiffs who read the news and make judgments about some candidate on merits of his/her words and deeds.

I know firemen who read Salon, Back Hoe Local 150 Operators who have season tickets to the Chicago Lyric Opera and CSO, school teachers who summer in the Illinois National Guard, Chicago Cops who teach boxing to black kids in Englewood, when they are not ignoring daily slanders in the Chicago Sun Times, and Pulitzer Prize winners who are voting for John McCain.

Camille, I Loved - Break Blow Burn, but remember Sweetie, what Wallace Stevens said,

People are not going
To dream of baboons and periwinkles.
Only, here and there, an old sailor,
Drunk and asleep in his boots,
Catches Tigers
In red weather.

Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock: Wallace Stevens

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