Wednesday, June 11, 2008

John McCain: MSNBC - I Can Not Fold Laundry to It Anymore

Chris Matthews hates McCain! Olbermann is bloatedly self-absorbed. MSNBC is so in the tank for Obama! Not a newsflash - just tiresome, like Shemp Howard episodes on Three Stooges Marathons. 'When is this over?'

Not since Goebbels and Riefenstahl has one candidate for National Office had so blatant a propaganda mill.

I used to fold laundry with MSNBC on because it mildly amused me and I took its message and method as seriously as I do four year old Patrick McCann. Patrick McCann is now Iron Man. Why? 'He's really strong and does things.' Which comes mighty handy when doing things.

Iron Man McCann limits his powers to tossing bits of rock and sticks down the sewer behind my garage. 'That's another one! That's another one! That's another one . . .' ad infinitum! Much like the Tool Shed of intellectually and morally limited personalities who dominate MSNBC - Chris 'Milky' Matthews - now, I'd bring the yokel to Rainbow Beach with me, as my see-through Irish pallor looks like The Rock by comparison; Keith Olbermann - America's # 1 Juice Bag; Rachel Maddow - America's loneliest Swamp Donkey; Dan ' Nepotism' Abrams - Dad Sues for NBC - Boy Works & the balance of its Obama shock troops.

What put the starch in my boxers was Milky's pile on of John McCain with women voters by bringing in Townsend-Kennedy, Planned Parenthood and some other Third Wave Feminist for a balanced discussion on how McCain can not possibly get suburban white women to vote for him. Three harpies and a loud dim-wit - I can not believe that Tip O'Neill allowed this Yam-head withing forty feet of him.

Watching Olbermann is like being water-boarded for days on end with non-stop Shemp Howard Videos. Abrams must have bodyguards 24/7 to keep from getting hinder binders by Americans unalloyed by drugs and alcohol. The others??? Some one pays them?

Pretend to mean something. Click my post title for a story that ran in New York Observer during the primaries - it was funny then - now, it is hilarious. MSNBC is sad.

Hickey's laundry folding gets done to the Discovery Channel!!!!! Clique!

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