Friday, June 06, 2008

John McCain: Harold Ford VP, Part II - The Kos Nut-Bags Hate Him - He's Gotta Be Great!

Howling like the denizens of Monkey Island at Chicagoland's Brookfield Zoo - Daily Kos Kosovoans want to Swift Boat Harold Ford - again. Calling on the Tool Shed - MSNBC to dump Harold Ford. They seem more interested in tearing down the Democratic Leadership Committee:

For whatever reason, MSNBC has hired former Representative and Senatorial candidate Harold Ford as a political commentator. OK fine. He is at least as qualified as is pal, Joe Scarborough, to comment, which isn't saying much. However, this once promising but sure-losing DLC (Democratic Leadership Conference)gospel no more represents current democratic movement thinking than the man in the moon.

MSNBC would do well to find a more relevant and interesting commentator.

Like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Ford doesn't seem to realize that the DLC era is OVER. A new train has left the station and Ford is not on it. Can he not spot the revolution occurring under his nose? The revolution that just put Obama over the top was every bit as much a repudiation of DLC politics as it was a rejection of Bush. When people demand CHANGE they mean to change business as usual politics as well. Not to be too simplistic, but The Obama revolution is a grassroots movement empowering people vs. traditional politcs that yields everything to the lobbyists and special interests who currently run our coutnry.

Tuesday night Ford sucked up valuable airtime extolling the virtues of John McCain, suggesting that Obama needed to be more like HIM. Close your eyes and you hear Joe Lieberman. I could barely stomach it, a LOSING democratic candidate pontificating on what Obama needs to do to win an election in 2008.

These clowns crack me up - sort of.

Click my post title for the full Kos squealathon. Check out the comments section and get a clear indication of the charcter of Obama's surrogates.

It seems that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is getting a serious consideration for the McCain VP spot, but the more I see the intense opposition of nut-jobs to Harold Ford, I just know this guy's gotta be great!

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