Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John McCain: Cindy McCain - Citizen First - First Lady Later.

Associated press Photo of Cindy McCain in Burma where she gave the military junta some Hell.

Texas Democrat and Patriot, Miss Taylor Marsh, talks about the core values of Cindy McCain.

Get this:

Cindy McCain is pictured in Vietnam, also quoted criticizing Burma, taking a page from Hillary Clinton's playbook: "I don’t understand how human life doesn’t matter to somebody. But clearly, it doesn’t matter to them.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama was doing "The View."

Seems to me to paint very stark and competing portraits of two important political wives. Mind you, Michelle Obama has the intellect to equal Cindy McCain's outreach. But the fact is that this isn't where the Obama campaign gurus wanted Mrs. Obama to go. It's a pattern with Democratic message people when it comes to our nominee's wife. . . . Michelle Obama has previously earned very critical reviews around here for her impolitic statements, so I was pleased she did "The View" to round off edges that appeared early on in moments on the trail that were beyond abrasive. But at the same time I wondered why this couldn't have been accomplished in a manner that was less "Leave It To Beaver," illustrating Mrs. Obama's passions and her purpose instead. I can't be the only one sensing that the Obama camp is having a Theresa Heinz Kerry, Hillary Clinton moment, telegraphing they're uncomfortable with yet another strong spouse who might scare middle America and doesn't know quite what to do about it. But reverting to traditional stereotypes never seems to work, because it doesn't fit the woman. It's also not very original or creative, instead a throw back. That's what was wrong with "The View" appearance yesterday. It was Michelle Obama airbrushed.

Juxtapose that against Cindy McCain dressed down in Vietnam, then talking about Burma's disrespect for human rights, and you have quite a contrast.

Authenticity meets image concoction. First lady auditions are ugly.

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