Wednesday, June 18, 2008

John McCain: Patti Solis - Doyle's Boot - 'Hit the Door HRC and Hello BHO!' Here's Your Hat. What's Your Hurry?

Like a drunk with a fresh beer, Patti Solis-Doyle is as happy as a kitten with cream flavored rump.

Patti Solis-Doyle and David Axelrod got way back here in Chicago. Does give anyone beyond a Casper Milquetoast pause to consider the mighty tall possibility that Patti and Dave might have intended to micturate in the Clinton Campaign's Wheaties from the get-go. Nasty.

Some former supporters of Senator Clinton are less than pleased with the Clinton Campaign's imperious and high strung former Communications Director who told Progressive Talk Host Ed Schultz back in May, "But I'm a Democrat and if Obama's the nominee, I will do whatever I can to get him elected and make sure the party is unified."

Some like Texas Radio Host Taylor Marsh suggest that maybe Patti Solis Doyle got a start early in the 'do whatever I can' department:

Patti Solis Doyle Gets Even

...or has her day, you pick. It's all the same in the end.

Now I can say it. Ms. Doyle was in over her head from the start. Chief of staff is much more to her skill sets. Not that that job is easy, but running a campaign takes something Solis proved she didn't have and couldn't do.

Obama's already taking incoming on this one.

... Other Clinton insiders also seethed. "Who can blame Obama for rewarding Patti? He would never be the nominee without her," one person who has worked for both Clintons and remains close to them said. The sentiment reflected what another person in the immediate Clinton orbit described as "shock" that Obama would send such a strong signal that he is not considering Clinton as his running mate so soon.

Although she devoted her adult life to working for Clinton, Solis Doyle left the Clinton world surrounded by a cloud of acrimony, blamed by some close Clinton loyalists -- and reportedly Clinton herself -- for failing to keep the campaign in order heading into Iowa. After being yanked from her role, Solis Doyle had said she would travel with the campaign and remain on as an adviser, but Clinton effectively cut her off and she was not seen on the road again....
Clinton Insiders Take Umbrage at Solis Doyle Move

It's also important to remember that Solis Doyle has known David Axelrod, Obama's chief strategist, for two decades.

CQ Politics confirms, complete with f-bombs, that Doyle stayed on at $12,000/month and she and Clinton supposedly didn't speak again after she was ousted. Doyle sat atop a disastrous strategy that left Clinton in debt in early '08, loaning herself money, and unprepared for the February caucuses. Mark Penn thinking the primaries were winner-take-all didn't help. Could it have gotten any worse? Clinton lost, so the answer to that is no.

Let the tea leaf reading and recriminations begin.

UPDATE: To add, if you ever wondered what kind of veep Obama will have the hiring of Solis Doyle seems to send a strong message. Her loyalty and friendship is to Axelrod. So whomever Obama picks he will have an ear into the veep's office, because Solis Doyle will really be reporting to Axelrod. Translation: no Dick Cheney on Obama's watch. Food for thought.

More Democrats who supported Senator Clinton are outraged - Click my post title for the thoughts of Democrats Over Nominating Elitists D.O.N.E. - So much for the 'politics' of Hope it seems.

Welcome to Straight Talk. John McCain has worked for and with us Democrats for years.


Anonymous said...

January 20, 2009...

President of the United States of America Barack H. Obama!

Suck on that.....sissy

pathickey said...

Why would anyone suck on any sissy, let alone that particular sissy whom you tout as the next Presidet of the United States?

Oh, that's right! Sorry. You are a Progressive.

De Gustibus non est disputandem.

Anonymous said...

If Patti is guilty of any of this then the Obama campaign didn't do themselves any favors by hiring her. She obviously did an incompetent job for Clinton and beyond that has proven herself as untrustworthy. With that kind of record, who ever ends up in the VP job will be looking over their shoulder and over hers to make sure that she doesn't sabotage them either through her incompetence or by plan. That would make for a very uncomfortable union.