Saturday, April 24, 2010

The White House is Purple! SEIU Covers the Place

Andy Stern has wads of green stuffed here and there from the dues of low-pay, low-skill workers who remain SEIU members for the rest of their lives.

Back before the offices of Janitors Union Local 25 here in Chicago was raided by leadership of what is now SEIU, janitors had universal family health coverage and found a path to skilled trades. No Mas!

SEIU has organized all no skill and low skill workers -janitors, nursing home workers and such - and become a force. They are a political force - a Marxist class warfare, tax-the-middle-class-out-of-existence force that controls timid and often gutless politicians, the corporate media, and a huge chunk of the Democratic National Committee.

Dues go to politics.

Andy Stern left SEIU hours before Judge Zagel released the Blago Santiago Proffer which features the active work of Andy Stern's game of manipulation. He also left SEIU in a huge jackpot - their pensions are as rocky as Broadway Bank last Tuesday - it closed yesterday. Not Andy, not Anna Burger ( Andy lite), and not the SEIU leadership. You see they went to all the right schools, Miss Lonely, and you're gonna hafta get used to iiiiiiiiiittttt! Sorry, feeling Dylanesque.

SEIU Leadership pensions were funded at a math-boggling 107%! The rank and file members get Purple T-Shirts and wildly under-funded pensions that should be as good as the Broadway Bank!

That ain't nothing, Cupcakes! Andy Stern seed the Federal government with Purple Leftists and that is the real danger.

It is often said that in politics, personnel is policy. By that measure, SEIU carries considerable weight within the Obama administration. Patrick Gaspard, formerly the executive vice president of politics and legislation for the powerful Local 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, is now the political director at the White House.

Craig Becker, formerly SEIU's associate general counsel and adviser to the ACORN affiliate SEIU 800 in Chicago, is now on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Mr. Obama made a recess appointment of Mr. Becker after he failed to be confirmed by the Senate. This was a significant win for organized labor. Mr. Becker has hinted at having the NLRB enact card check without a vote in Congress.

SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger sits on the Obama administration's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Mr. Stern himself was appointed by Mr. Obama to its deficit commission. (Mr. Stern has said he will stay in that post after he steps down from SEIU.)

Mr. Stern's abrupt resignation has led many to question his motives and ponder his next steps. Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: He leaves SEIU - especially its pension funds - swimming in red ink. Sadly, it will be the union's rank-and-file members who will be paying for Mr. Stern's profligacy well into the future.
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Andy Stern should be hearing from the Feds about his role in the Blago Fire sale Madness. While you are talking to Andy, Fitzy . . . Oh, I'm sure you're on it,

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