Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michael Moriarty's Miracle Message

For me the human being is a miracle.

For Progressive Americans, however, because of the particularly Progressive Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade Decision of 1973, the human being has become less than ordinary.

The human being is now an easily disposable or aborted threat to the ideals of a Progressive New World Order.
Michael Moriarty

A great actor and a great writer, Michael Moriarty writes about the collision taking place in America and around the globe: Progressive Hegalianism against people of faith. Mr. Moriarty's Granfather, George Moriarty, was a stockyards guy and played for both the White Sox and the Cubs.

Devout Jews, Muslims, Christians and especially Catholics are being assaulted in the the broader secularist culture.
An eloquent man, Michael Moriarty writes clearly and wittily.

Send Progressivism back to France, where the whole, Communist nightmare began!

Here is my lesson for the day.

There has been a human genius so old that the “enlightened despots” of Harvard think it so antiquated that it no longer has contemporary relevance, except as a foil for their Progressive Comparative History Lessons, their “teachable moments”, their vision of Mankind’s inevitably scientific progress to the clearly envisioned destination: The Completion of The Progressive, One-Thousand-Year Plan For All of Humanity.

In other words, The New World Order.

The last Progressive of that ilk was Adolf Hitler.

We have seen and spoken of … repeatedly … the image of our President looking down his flared nostrils at us, and we’ve heard the words that accompany such arrogant certainty.

“The fundamental transformation of the United States of America!”

Within one year of office, President Obama has been captured in photos that make some of Mussolini’s grandstanding grimaces look reticent.

Good to have you in the brawl, Michael!

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