Wednesday, April 07, 2010

MSNBC Hates Real Nuns and Why I Can't Tea Party - for Real - It's A South Side Thing -My Problem, Really.

I mean, by the MSNBC definition they would be racist: After all, 79 percent of those polled were white. That's a lot of white people and Chris Matthews must reckon, a lot of hoods*.Why the Left Hates the Tea Party
I count three Hoods - Old School South Side-ism for Nuns.
My buddy John Rubery - the Marathon Pundit - sent me this great photo of three nuns attending a Tea Party event in Rockford, Illinois.

I witnessed the first big Tea Party event last year in Chicago, when I was in the Loop on Leo High School business. It was a very tame, respectful and nice crowd of people.

N. B. -Given the fact that I aged ( we say 'dragged up') on the south side of Chicago, where mothers and fathers; extended family; neighbors; friends; teachers and coaches protect the young from ridicule ( ' Murtagh!, you are not wearing that cape out to play again; you are a senior at Marist, for Crissakes! Only Mike Joyce can get away with that and you are no boxer, Honey.') very early in life, Tea Party sports wear does not suit me. Therefore, I feel uncomfortable intruding in mufti. For example, were I to don a tri-corner hat, black vest and swell knee-britches and hose worn only by serial bicyclists on Milwaukee Avenue, Gino Ford, Eddie Carroll ( 'Put a net over Hickey') , Mike Regan ( "Get Him That Canvas Sweater with Tuck-Away Arms," Joe Capagna, Tommy Kordas, and Boz O'Brien ('Don't let His Kids Know') would call the CFD paramedics and have me shot up with animal tranquilizers until I got better. Thus, due to cultural cowardice, I am not a Tea Partier.

You see, the lovely lady with whom I am utterly flattered by her tolerance and acceptance of my Gordian psychic package and I stroll the tony streets of Chicago's Gold Coast and the delightful and impish Old Town. She is charmed by the sight of thirteen and fourteen year old boys decked out like Harry Potter and remarks on that sight. She shudders when I offer the insight, "Victims."

My heart goes out to these uninhibited young fellows festooned as they are in whimsical garb on a blustery April Sunday. I can well imagine the drubbing these romantically inclined boulevardiers would take at the hands of the less whimsically inclined denizens of 108th & Rockwell ' "Hey, Harry,is Hogwarts' Off for Easter? Get over here and empty your pockets for me and Frankie, Buzz and Knuckles or Hermione’s Time Turner will zap your nuts!"( 5th graders at St. Cajetan's). It is my hang-up.

However, I admire and respect and envy the many, many, many Americans who stand up!

These three wonderful women are an example to us all. It nice seeing Nuns without needing to shudder, flinch and recoil from their folly of escorting kids to an abortion factory, or encouraging goofballs to toss blood at Easter Mass - which some nuns did, as a matter of fact, - and avoided getting bracelets put on their flabby wrists when the cops showed up.

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