Tuesday, April 06, 2010

U of I Chris Kennedy and Stan Ikenberry -Billy Ayers' Chinaman? -Continue Progressive Transparency

You gotta love Progressive ( Not The Machine) Transparency. No More Machine Clout from the Progressives who make Clout look Clean!

Stan Ikenberry*, the Interim President of University of Illinois and long-time One-Man- Ruler of University of Illinois Back in the Day when ComED Billy Ayers got slipped in the back door and had his Career as a Terrorist Laundered, and his panjandrum packed Board announced the candidates for U of I President. Well, sort of:

U. of I. board members met in closed session Monday in Chicago and will convene again Friday to interview at least some of the top candidates.

Strobel and board chair Christopher Kennedy would not name the candidates, citing their concern for confidentiality. They also declined to say how many individuals the trustees would meet. While state law allows the candidates' names to remain private, a final board vote on the appointment must be taken in public.

Chris Kennedy, who gets appointed to everything, just like Sheila Simon, and does not need to run for public office, is the Chair of this fine exercise in Progressive Transprency.

You see they do not want to announce the names of the candidates for concerns about confidentiality - confidentially that stinks Chris.

Stan Ikenberry is still very confidential about just how Billy Ayers became a distinguished professor of education. Confidentially, Stan, it was because Billy's Dad had scads of dough. Pay to Play, Bubba!

Well, Chris Kennedy, who has scads of dough, is just a tingle with excitement!

"Kennedy described the candidates as coming 'from the finest universities in the country.'
'Everybody wants the job,' Kennedy said.
The meetings will be part sales pitch by the board, however.
U. of I. is struggling with mounting budget concerns, with the state now $466 million behind in payments the university had expected to receive already this fiscal year. Faculty and administrators are required to take up to 10 furlough days by June."

Chris Kennedy and Stan Ikenberry and Billy Ayers - Now that's Fresh Air . . .in a closed-tight, windowless barn full of hogs with the runs.

And, as these same records also demonstrate, the advisory committee that Ayers co-chaired played no operational role whatsoever once the Challenge hired its Executive Director at the end of its first year.

Ayers had nothing to do with Obama’s recruitment to the Board. Barack Obama was encouraged to run for Chair by Deborah Leff, with whom he served on another board, recommended by Pat Graham, and elected by the bipartisan founding board members: Susan Crown, Pat Graham, Stanley Ikenberry, Ray Romero, Arnold Weber, and Wanda White.

Barack Obama months ago confirmed that he had contact with Ayers during the course of his foundation work, and he pointed out that “We served on a board together that had Republicans, bankers, lawyers, focused on education”. Senator Obama also said earlier this year that Ayers was “not somebody who I exchange ideas with on a regular basis”, a fact that is not in any way contradicted by their contact through the Annenberg Challenge which ended 12 years ago, or by any of the Challenge records.


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