Friday, April 23, 2010

SEIU's Andy Stern in The Shadows, of Blago's Smile? Watching the Silverfish Scatter

A “labor union official” close to the President (who may be SEIU President Andy Stern) is said to contradict public statements on the case by Obama directly.

Blago's subpoena for President Obama is like turning on a light and watching the silver fish scatter.

Hours before Judge Zagel releases the Santiago Proffer of the Federal Case against the antic former Guv, Andy Stern exited the National scene stage left.

The 'labor Official' should just about prove that Kingmaker Marxist Andy Stern might have exceeded his grasp.

I do not believe that there is any mess on the President's shoes, but those close to the President, like SEIU's Andy Stern, could create a wave of disgust unseen thus far among the President's cheerleaders in the corporate media.

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