Thursday, April 29, 2010

Liberal Contempt - Gillian, Gordon, the DNC, Corporate Media and all of us.

At my Dad's wake, a little cousin ( 2 1/2 YO) was repeatedly pulled away from the kneeler at my father's coffin, by his mother. The miniature man, as sharply dressed as the ZZ Top Tune, was fascinated by the man in the box. He'd be pulled away toward the cookies in the other room and nimbly scramble back to my Dad's mortal husk. Finally, he asked me "Can I get in with the Dead guy?" To which I replied with no hint of uncertainty, "He'd like nothing better, Pal!" The Little guy was honest and would not be treated with contempt by his elders and betters. Good on you, son!

The little guy spoke from the heart and so did the oafish PM Gordon Brown, when he called the widow Gillian Brown, a life-long Labor ( UK version of a Democrat) Voter 'A Bigot'(click my post title for the Brown stuff).

The two year old and change at a wake is a delight; a Progressive doctrinaire politician like Brown ( which translate to Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Ayers in Yank Speak) is standard fare like a smelly CTA vehicle - you get on, you pay, but don't expect Chanel #5 on Archer or Ogden.

Gillian Duffy would be a Democrat Tea Party Person and there are many. I live in a traditional Democratic neighborhood that is roundly treated to a Gillian/Brown Tune-up by the corporate media - people who hold traditional values -anti-abortion, patriotic, anti-Gay Marriage, Pro Real Tades Union Labor, Law and Order, Pay Your Taxes and Everyone Else's but Don't Make Me Smile About It, and Don't Raise Anymore.

These folks are treated with contempt and are expected to like it. Gordon Brown needed to parse his meaning and give full context - full something.

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