Monday, April 05, 2010

Chicago's Progressive Cork Screw: Sun Times Needs Facts Like Rep. Phil Hare Needs U.S. Constitution

Cartoon by the Great Dan Piraro
The dappled underwear that is the Chicago Sun Times editorial page once again exceeds my expectations and lowers the bar of any moral high ground.

The Sun Times is loaded with talented writers like Mark Konkol, Natasha Korecki, Mike Mulligan, and Tim Novak; however, the Progressive cadre calling the editorial tune and the self-proclaimed icon-columnists are a pretty stale box of unsalted mixed nuts.

Carol Marin's "Bossism" smooch for Forest Claypool was flare gun signal for the goofy editorial board of the Chicago Sun Times, which has thought manufactured for it by Planned Parenthood, IVO-IPO, SEIU, the most strident Leftists at University of Chicago, Northwestern University and UICC, pulls its own britches down for public inspection with this hate mail to Boss Madigan, Boss Cullerton, Boss Berrios and Boss Sounds Everywhere!

We have no evidence Berrios and Madigan have ever swapped a single lucrative favor, but anybody can see this is far too cozy a relationship.

But howl they do!

Time for a trip to the mighty Kankakee River to snag some smallies and put the Sun Times to good use!

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