Sunday, April 04, 2010

Meet the Gardener! Happy Easter and Rejoice in Your Neighbors!

John's Gospel was given a turbo-charge by Father Gallagher at this morning Easter Mass at Sacred Heart Church.

The little 107 year old French Shrine Mission Church at 11652 S. Church on south side of Chicago was packed - the Sheas, the Wardinglys, the Reillys, the McEldowneys Brothers, Chief Jimmy Corbett, Jimmy Littleton, the Schumachers, the Vasys, the Dukevichs, the Garcias, The Esplanados, the Finns, the Sheahans, the Knightlys, the Moores, and Hickeys & etc.. Firefighters, Cops, teachers, nurses, City Hall clerks, tradesmen, WWII,Korea,Vietnam, Desert Storms veterans and two young guys just back from Iraq and Afghanistan. They are tough, generous, simple and brilliant people of faith.

Father Gallagher beamed as the two Schumacher toddlers pushed the envelop, because Grandpa Jerry was two pews in front. Father Gallagher called our church within The Catholic Church "The Shrine of the Blessed Intermission." Everyone turned around to cast the glance of recognition toward Baritone Terry McEldowney whose commentaries on homilies - even while in progress - are legendary. " No, not today. This is for the beautifully dressed young ladies."

In Today's Gospel, the Risen Christ is unseen, the Tomb is Empty, Mary Magdalen tells the disciples Peter and John, John bolts to the tomb followed by the lumbering fisherman and find the funeral shrouds and wrappings. Magdalene went conspiracy theory -"' They' have taken Him away!" No they, Toots, but He. Interesting to note that secular feminists and parsing Progressives tend to ignore the fact that Christ chose the gospel's 'fallen' but forgive woman to reveal the wonder of his Resurrection.

John the Gospel writer credits himself with. “He saw and believed” (Jn 20:8) offering a bit of writer's hubris and shameless self-promotion - as is our wont.

Father Gallagher talked of the appearance to Magdalene of Christ whom she mistakes for a Gardener.

That is what the Resurrection and our Catholic Faith is all about - the Risen Christ whom we self-absorbed people mistake for something else. Christ merely says, "Mary."

That is what is waiting for us - we hope and pray.

Christ might say, "Hickey. Your wife's here. What the Hell she see in you? Just, stroking you . . .come on in."

The Catholic Church will be fine. God Bless Father Gallagher. The joint was packed.


Marathon Pundit said...

Happy Easter, Pat

pathickey said...

Back at you, Rubes!