Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stan Ikenberry - Billy Ayers' Chinaman - Hazth Hizth Tongth Sthuck in Histh Shteek, Yesth, Yesthm and Yesth

The News Gazzett

Ikenberry, president of the UI from 1979 to 1995 – in much better budget days – grinned when asked about the reception he got Wednesday.

"I think this stacks up with the very best I can remember," he said. "The tongue's a little bit in the cheek, yes

Sthan. Yearsth ago, many, many Yearsth ago, Billy Ayersth Dad wasth head of COmun Wealsth Edisthon and tosthed Sthousandsth of Bucksth to You off Eye ( Uof I).

Sthat wasth Tstweet. Awuhl You needeth tah Do wasth Hire Billy and histh Olds Slady.

Sthougher now, I'll Besth.

My Tongth's sthuk un my Shteek too.

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