Monday, April 19, 2010

WAPO's E. J. Dionne - A Pinched Off Product and Parser

E. J. Dionne is really a pinched off little product. Why only days ago E. J. Dionne was telling American Catholics what fools they be and how our evil faith offends Progressive sensibilities. Yet, E. J. Dionne can limbo lower!

For months, Tea Party members ( I am a Chicago Democrat by the way) were NASCAR addicted, dentally challenged Klan members with single digit I.Q.s. Voila! A Poll and narrative shift for the pencil necked parser. I read E.J.'s latest pronouncements -Tea Party Americans are Privileged - Folks with Dough like E.J., Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Arianna Huffington, Chris Buckley, Weeepy Walsh of Salon, the MSNBC Tool Shed, the Kennedy Clan, Billy Ayers - real working stiffs and regular joes.

Now, with poll in hand E.J. Dionne ( is that not the name one would give to a child destined for victimhood and a life of ass-kickings in St. Cajetan's or what?) the Tea Party Americans are over-paid suburban haters and misanthropes of Country Club.

I know a good number of people - all of them Democrats - who are Tea Party Members. -three of them are African Americans. I party with the 19th Ward regular Democratic Party or nowhere!

They detest politicians who parse and change the narrative almost with as much passion as they detest iconic but pinched off little products with columns in cheerleader newspapers.

But that's just me . . .and millions of other people. I took poll - hung a net on it and have the little guys shoots 3s at it in my driveway.

Privilege, E.J. ; that's privilege!

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