Saturday, April 24, 2010

Justice for Two Women Savagely Beaten in Bucktown? Call Ald. Scott Waguespack

During the attack, Jurich was struck in the back of the head and dazed, her mother said. She stumbled and the attacker went after McShane, striking her in the head two or three times. McShane crumpled to the ground unconscious in a pool of blood.

When Jurich tried to help McShane, the robber struck Jurich in the head again, her mother said. Jurich knew she needed to escape and screamed for a cabbie to stop his taxi, but the man saw the blood on her clothes and kept going. A second cabbie then stopped and called 911. That’s when Jurich passed out.

This afternoon, Jurich was lucid and able to speak to her mother, although she was having seizures. “The doctors are keeping a close watch on her,” her mother said. . . .The robber was black; 27 to 34; 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9; and wore a tan or light colored hooded sweatshirt, police said.
Sounds like a Hate Crime to me.

Two young girls ( white and one an Irish citizen) were savagely beaten by a black man. Why these two?

Well, the traditional story line and doctrinal parsing for any and all black on white crime is Crime of Opportunity. Opportunity Knocks only when 'a goofy-looking white boy' with a heart condition can stand a pipe beating, two white girls walking home unescorted from a trendy bar need the added special societal emphasis of a bat when the scared would give the savage their money anyway in Bucktown - 32nd Ward Scott Waguespack - an earnest young Progressive stamped as an "Ain't He Great" by the Progressive Brahmin's, or an elderly white man with his daughter crosses 35th Street for a hot dog before a White Sox Game. Then, there is the time honored Crime of Opportunity tactic of the swarm - get six to ten proud young men and prowl around a solitary Bev Rat with a St. Rita T-Shirt and attack on signal.

My son was savagely beaten on two occasions only a few blocks from my house. On both occasions, world weary cops-black CPD police officers and solid professionals by the way - said this would be viewed as a Crime of Economic Opportunity. You see a St. Rita High School kid is a plutocrat in this post racial America.He's a tough, husky lad and took the swarming beat down by between six and seven black youths with fatalistic good humor -"Must have been my Turn, Dad." Indeed, my boy, I was stomped on the Damen Avenue bus between 63rd and 76th by the jubilant graduates of Lindbloom High School decades ago.

The savage assault on these two girls must not go without our lighting fire under the Progressive Rump of Smiling Scott Waugespack - I will make a call to Scott and ask him why he has yet to make a statement and to demand that this be treated as a Hate Crime. I expect that I will be treated to dead air from Scott followed by a series of idiotic columns by the usual suspects -Mary Mitchell, Eric Zorn and Mark Brown blaming the attack by a savage who happens to be black on the policies of George W. Bush.

I love Bucktown and Wicker Park - smart, artistic and joyful. I hope more artistic types would move out our way - but with this savagery taking place up there, maybe they just might chose a neighborhood that is home to Chicago Police Officers and neighbors infused with a culture of watching out for one another. I hope that bastard Cab Driver gets identified!

Start dialing up Scott! I did and got a recording -I'll send Scott a link to this post as well. Just got to let Scott know how I feel.

Huge Hat Tip to Detective Shaved on the thought to call Alderman Scott Waguespack!


Ka said...

Seriously? This may have been the most unintelligent argument or comment about this beating that I've seen yet - and I've been on Yelp so I've seen some pretty stupid arguments. You're actually saying that during a recession, in a large major city known to have a mugging or two, where two potentially drunk girls are walking down the street at 3:30am are beaten and robbed is a HATE CRIME? Well that's about the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. And then you somehow blame the Alderman for not making a public statement and agreeing with your completely ridiculous assertion? Wow. You are an idiot.

pathickey said...

Well Ka, thanks for offering your thoughtful and considered remarks honed by the good folks at Yelp.

Your economic parsing ( Recession?) narrative lends genuine . . .naw, you seem like a gold plated jackass.

Look stupe, this was a hate crime. Now, whether or not it gets elevated to that status, or not the fact remains. You want Hate Crimes? Then, apply them without a litmus test. Save your BS for the baristas.

May God protect you in your rambles through a viaduct.

BillyFish said...

Many others have taken up the cause.

BillyFish said...

More info please pass along.