Monday, April 19, 2010

Justice Lisa Madigan - Hell Yes!

Leo Man and Illinois Chief Justice Tom Fitzgerald and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

Supreme Court Justice Lisa Madigan? Hell Yes!

On the only major abortion case her office has handled, Madigan gritted her teeth and took the anti-abortion side of the case, even though she favors abortion rights. Madigan argues that state law requires the courts to enforce a long-mothballed law requiring abortion clinics to notify a minor girl's parents before performing an abortion.

She argued the Illinois v. Caballes case before the U.S. Supreme Court and won. And she argued the pro-law enforcement side of the case, winning police the right to use drug-sniffing dogs on cars to go after drug smugglers. (Slate's article about that hearing assigned all lawyers and judges a breed; Madigan was a collie.) Madigan never faltered as she stood at the podium, seven months pregnant, confidently responding to the justices' questions and even joking with retiring Justice John Paul Stevens -- who Obama's next nominee would be replacing -- about how fast he drives on highways when he returns to his home state of Illinois.

Lisa Madigan is an ideal choice for the United States Supreme Court.

Once out of the election cycle, smart Chicago Democrats give Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry it promotes short shrift. Really smart Chicago Democrats give them the thumb over the shoulder - i.e. Illinois State Representative Kevin Joyce.

Lisa Madigan is really smart - not as smart as her Old Man, House Speaker Madigan, but very. very smart. More importantly, Lisa Madigan listens to common sense and is wildly skilled, personable and non-doctrinaire.

If President Obama is smarter than Jan Schakowsky, he will push for Lisa Madigan as his nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States
However, I think that the President is as smart as Jan Schakowsky.

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