Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who Are the Protesters At DUI Cop's Home? Full Discloure Please!

The Sun Times jumped at the story fed to them by the protesters who decided to protest a civil matter at the private home of the police detective arrested and charged in the deaths of two people.

The Sun Times wants everyone to know that this a 'silent' protest. Protest against what or whom and about what?

There is bugger all little else than the beef about the cop - he is charged and has posted bail and every reporter in Chicago is climbing up his rump. This we know.

April 14, 2009

Nearly two dozen people held a silent protest Monday night outside the Bridgeport home of police detective Joseph Frugoli, according to WMAQ-Channel 5.

Some protesters said they believed that Frugoli was receiving special treatment because he is Chicago cop.

On Sunday, Cook County Judge Donald Panarese Jr. set a $500,000 bail for Frugoli, charged with killing two men in a drunken-driving accident. Some of the victims' friends and family members said the bail was too low Sunday -- a complaint echoed by protesters Monday.

Frugoli was freed on bail Sunday afternoon.

Protesters said they plan to return to the Frugoli home.

Earlier Monday, Frugoli refused to comment about his case, according to WMAQ.

How about a little journalism 101!


Who called the Sun Times? G. Flint Taylor? Frank Main? Mark Brown? Eric Zorn? Mumia? The Wilson Brothers?

What is being protested? The suggestion by every nuanced Progressive Voice that the cop is clouted? The bail of $ 500,000 is not enough? The fact that the cop lives in Bridgeport? That he is Italian?

Where did the phone call originate? Peoples Law Office? Loevy, Loevy, Loevy & Lawsuit? The Illinois Young Communists League?

Why was the Protest organized? To get more Outrage? It is such a nice day? The Sox are in Detroit?

How is this news?

Get the packing boxes at the Sun Times ready.

Full disclosure - I think this man who happens to . . .have been a cop is suffering the pains of the damned. It appears that he was responsible for the deaths of two young men. A judge set the bail. The protesters and the Sun Times need to disappear.

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Tamara N. Holder said...

Our judicial system provides for JUDGES. JUDGES are given DISCRETION on certain decisions, for example, BOND AMOUNT. In the Frugoli case, the judge heard the aggravation from the prosecutor and the mitigation from the defense attorney. Based on what both sides argued, the judge issued a $500,000 bond.

Recent cases in IL show several DUI-accident deaths resulted in bonds of $1 million and $5 million. Those involved the deaths of just one person in each accident. (This case involved two deaths.)

The PURPOSE of bond is really to ensure the person is not a flight risk. It is not a punishment. Punishment comes later, if the person is convicted.

Of course, the nature of the offense is a factor in determining bond but it seems like people are upset because they think this cop should sit in jail.

Well, bond is not used as punishment. So, maybe his time to sit in prison is around the corner but that was not for the bond court judge to decide. She did her job.