Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day - Eat a Critter - Al Gore Will!

Henry David Thoreau is a hump. I used to love teaching Walden and present HDT as the phony self-absorbed goof that he was in life.

Walden, like The Social Contract was the work of a rock-ribbed hypocrite and self-absorbed narcissist -which is why these Romantic idiots, Thoreau and Rousseau, are so popular among the soul-patched-knit-hat, Venti gulping activist crowd.

Thoreau never did a damn thing for anyone on this planet - spare me the Night Thoreau Spent in Jail BS over the racist Mexican War (that was a damn fine War and no one in California is beefing about it but the Commies). He was a rich back-stabbing hump who chronicled his log cabin manliness - like the sissy he was. A real guy would do and clam up about it. The only clown in history of thought lower in my estimation than Thoreau would be Rousseau - a louse of the first order - followed closely by Sir Francis Bacon.

Thoreau is the Patron Saint of Earth Day. A phony-assed PC bit of nonsense, swooned over by nit-wits that read parts of books and learn everything else by redaction.

So, today I took my Carbon Footprint Test.

Me and the Kids are way below where we should be. This year I'll Make Big Foot wish he had my Carbon Foot Print!

Your Carbon Footprint:
House 2.70 tonnes of CO2
Flights 0.47 tonnes of CO2
Car 4.10 tonnes of CO2
Motorbike 0.00 tonnes of CO2
Bus & Rail 0.00 tonnes of CO2
Secondary 36.68 tonnes of CO2

Your footprint is 43.94 tonnes, which equates to 3.99 tonnes per year
The average footprint for people in United States is 20.40 tonnes
The average for the industrial nations is about 11 tonnes
The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 4 tonnes
The worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 tonnes

Total = 43.94 tonnes of CO2

Kids, Crank Up the Jam! Turn on the Lights! The Carbon Hickeys Gonna Par-Tay Tonight!
Fois Gras Pizza it is!
Photo of Hickey Footprint Above!


BillyFish said...

Viva the San Patricio Brigade!
Is everyone ready to pay 3k a year in utilities to save the planet?

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Got you linked up at American Power!